July 4, 2019

Also known as the summer snapdragon this is another upright or 'thriller' option for your garden.

This series has bigger blooms than traditional series and thrives in the heat. They grow up to 16" tall and 12" wide. We currently have them in white, purple, pink, and cherry red.

One of the best hummingbird and butterfly attractant for your garden. It has long flower stalks with lots of red nectar rich flowers.

Porterweed doesn't mind our heat or humidity and prefers full sun to partial shade. This particular variety only reaches 24" tall and wide which makes it suitable for containers or the landscape.
Summer is the perfect time to freshen up your current containers or add a few new ones to your landscape or business.

Are you a business owner looking to spruce up your shop entrance? Let us help design containers perfect for your storefront.

Tallahassee Nurseries has an expert container designer ready to help with all your container needs!

This trendy house plant may be the statement piece you've been looking for. In spite of being commonly mistaken for Split Leaf Philodendron, it is no longer classified in the genus Philodendron.

This Monstera needs space to grow and would benefit from some support indoors from a stake. As they grow older they develop their characteristic foliage. There is a theory that the fenestrations (holes in the leaves) are a way of allowing high winds to pass through the large leaves without tearing them. Monstera Deliciosa thrives in medium to bright filtered light.

Allow the soil to become fairly dry between thorough waterings.

We've always got an eye on our plants to see which ones are attracting the most pollinators at a given time. Here's some standouts this week:

Einstein Clethra is a new version of a native shrub that works in full to partial sun & average to wet soils. The bees found these flowers the second they opened!
Sweet Almond Bush seems to never go out of style. If there are blooms on this plant, there are pollinators too. Plant this to attract beneficials all summer.
Canyon Creek Abelia is producing huge clusters of flowers right now that the honeybees and butterflies just love.
(pictured above)
Drift Roses Just Won't Quit
We will continue to maintain a full stock of Drift Roses for your summer color needs. These roses are covered in flowers straight through the brutal heat of summer without missing a beat. They come in a wide selection of colors that are all low-growing and easy to care for.
Sales Runs 7/5 - 7/11
"Trees can save you real money! There are very few products in this world that can offer that kind of incentive. Sure, there are tons of other great reasons to plant a tree, but that summer power bill can really get you thinking about the almighty dollar. Not only can trees save you money, but it’s easy to get those returns if you know how to plant for energy conservation. Once you know how to pick the right trees and where to put them, the hard work is done."

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