Ahhh....summer. It's finally upon us. A time for rest, relaxation and fun in the sun. We trust that you are enjoying each one of these wonderful aspects of the present season. If full days of play aren't translating into a good night's sleep, it's possible you're battling an underlying dental issue. At Eggert Family Dentistry, we often help people achieve better sleep through dentistry. Read on to learn more.

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Dr. Elizabeth & Dr. Jeff Eggert
Having Trouble Sleeping?
Maybe it's Time to See Your Dentist
Did you know that only 1 in 7 Americans say they wake up feeling refreshed every day of the week? Are you one of the vast majority who experience frequent, unrefreshing sleep? Maybe it's time to see your dentist. If you're wrestling with restless nights, check out our latest blog post to learn more.
Sleep Apnea

Learn more about this common yet life-threatening condition including information about the Mandibular Advancement Device that can correct it!
The Seattle Protocol: Six Steps to a Better Sleep

Pioneered by two intrepid dentists in the Seattle area, this six-step process helps patients who struggle with sleep disordered breathing conditions like upper airway resistance syndrome.
Laurie's Story and May Wonder Woman !
Laurie had an existing  bridge  for her upper front teeth for 35 years and felt it looked dull and didn’t fit quite right.

With her son’s wedding planned for April of 2017, she started looking into her options to improve her smile before the big day.

Dr. Elizabeth spoke with Laurie about her concerns related to her existing bridge.

Read our blog on how Dr. Elizabeth was able to form a plan using the records process and transform Laurie's smile in time for her son's big day!

We recognize Heather as our May Wonder Woman! Heather is always so helpful to both patients and staff in the office and is a joy to work with. She has been a wonderful familiar face to Dr. Furey’s former patients and is always excited to greet our new patients. Heather has been working hard with Dr. Jeff on improving our office ordering and inventory systems as well as being a source of information for our clinical staff.
Heather strives to help out in the office in any way she can and she takes great care of our patients. We feel very lucky to have her on our team! Congratulations Heather on your well-deserved award and thank you for your hard work and dedication!