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July 4, 2012


Greetings Pinball Fans,  


"We're moving along, going as fast as we can....." That's been some of what we can report on production. More and more assemblies continue to be built, more parts arrive daily and we are getting games together.


This week JJP welcomed Howard Bellin one of the owners of Bumper Action our Exclusive Australian Distributor. Howard was very pleased with what he saw; " My visit with you was fantastic. I was enormously impressed with WOZ and your organization." Howard has a great passion for the business and we are looking forward to visiting him later this year.


Although we exhibited a game at E3 and the Northwest Pinball Show last month, we have not told you everything about the game. we need to keep some things to be discovered. The General Illumination lights, another game feature not revealed, several innovations to make maintenance and service easier for the casual owner as well as the route operator and Keith's Rules in programming++


ECLEWOZ games are in short supply if any distributors still have them. We want to remind everyone that the WOZ games are available and the first 1,000 games have a numbered plaque, the game has a signed certificate, has all the toys, artwork and game rules that the ECLEWOZ has.


We know that everyone is waiting for the ultimate update - when we say that we are building your game next. We can see that's coming in these next several months and we are hopeful that real games will ship in September. We have taken a lot of extra time to get this game right. As we place games on location we will shake out some potential problems too. There are many moving parts and many elements that have to come together from many sources. We believe we are building the greatest pinball machine ever because if we believed any less, that's what we would be giving you.


Gabe asked us for another speech call so we picked the dashboard view first then The Wizard and his speech call. A few other e mails asked for some candid shots of assembly and those are below too. In the next update we will have an announcement about our JJP Sound System. Enjoy! 

Shoot the Ramp  - WOZ Pinball
Shoot the Ramp - WOZ Pinball

Howard Bellin of Bumper Action visits JJP Headquarters

Shot of the GI Lights, more to follow....

Backbox assemblies are soon to be married to the cabinet body

Flat-rail Guide Panel- so we know what we get actually fits!


Playfields running down the line, being fitted with parts


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The JJP Team at Pinball Expo - Thanks to Jim Schelberg of 

Team JJP: Top Row - Left to Right: Mark Weyna, Greg Freres, Keith Johnson, Jim Thornton, Drew Maniscalco, Joe Balcer. Bottom Row- Chris Granner, Matt Riesterer, Dennis Nordman, Bryan Hansen. Jack Guarnieri in Front


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