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This year our annual summer vacation dates will be July 3rd - July 12th. We will be closed during this time and back open for business on July 13th. Make sure you get your orders in and you're all stocked up before July 3rd!

We hope you all have a fun and safe 4th!!!
The tool everyone should have in their tool box!
Oil Filter Inspection Tool
Oil and the oil filter are vital elements in keeping the oil that circulates in your engine clean. Most passenger cars
use 6 quarts of oil. Some racing engines can use up to 18 quarts of oil.
Typically, in a street vehicle oil flows at about 3-4 gallons per minute. In a High Performance engine oil flows at
8-10 gallons a minute. This high flow requires heavy duty components and filters to compensate for additional flow
requirements. Wix manufactures a filter that will withstand 110 to 115 PSI.
After the race, technically you should do a flow test of flow vs. restriction. Most racers usually can't afford or have
time for this test. The next best test is actually cutting the filter open and visually checking it. Using the KRC oil
filter inspection tool you can easily and quickly cut open any filter to inspect its paper cartridge and see what has
actually been trapped inside. Many contaminates can be found by the naked eye such as silicon sealants,
broken mechanical parts, worn materials, shop rags, and thread sealing materials.
Wix filters trap particles as small as .001. Most of the particles that you can see are in the 24-30 micron range.
An inexpensive magnifying glass can be very useful in detecting problems. To get technical you should wash the
contaminates onto a microscope slide. This can be purchase inexpensively at any toy store.
Wouldn't you like to be informed of problems before they happen? Kluhsman Racing Components will help you
keep your cost to a minimum by this simple investment tool. We want to see you in the winners circle!