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While the Division of Environmental Sustainability would usually be looking forward to our annual Earth Day celebration, our top priority is the health and safety of our community, and as recommended, we advocate for residents to stay home. Here are a few tips to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day at safely at home:

  1. Do a waste audit. (Read how here!) A personal waste audit is a great place to start if you want to learn how to reduce your waste.
  2. Inform yourself. Learn what items can be recycled when you download the Recycle Coach App or use our online search feature.
  3. Do a recycling scavenger hunt.
  4. Upgrade household items into art. Visit Recyclart for inspiration on how to turn just about anything into art.
  5. Make a DIY face mask from an old tee shirt or bandana.
  6. Reorganize your refrigerator to reduce food waste. Keep leftovers and items that spoil quicker in plain sight, so they don't go to waste. Learn more about food storage tips here.
  7. Start a compost bin. Composting is a great waste to reduce your waste and provide extra nutrients for your garden. Here's a few tips to get started.
  8. Regrow your vegetables from scraps. Did you know that these vegetables will regrow themselves? Buy one and grow one free!
  9. Start an Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG). OFGs are a great way to prevent ocean pollution from your own front yard.
  10. Shop at a farmers market (schedule here) or sign up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box to get local produce delivered. A few CSAs that deliver locally include: The Abundant Table, Farmivore, and Farm Cart Organics.
  11. Support Green Businesses. Green Businesses really put in the extra effort to reduce their impact on the environment. Find local green businesses here.
  12. Pick up litter in your neighborhood (with gloves please). Any litter on the streets will eventually end up in the storm drains and be washed straight into the ocean. Beach clean-ups are great, but neighborhood clean-ups are also a great way to reduce ocean pollution.
  13. Green your living space. Focus on one earth-friendly change you can implement in your home. Swap dead light bulbs with eco friendly replacements, phase out plastic bags with reusable bags and containers, or ditch paper towels for regular towels. Small swaps add up!
  14. Play our Earth Day Bingo. Tag us on Instagram @sustainableventura and let us know how you are celebrating Earth Month.
Environmental Program Updates
Green Business
Support a Green Business on Earth Day!

One easy way to celebrate is by pledging to support at least one City of Ventura Certified Green Businesses this Earth Day.  Find local green business here  or by downloading the Shop Green App on the  App Store  or  Google Play .

Need help choosing a green business to support? This Earth Day falls on Wellness Wednesday; check out our selection of certified green wellness businesses . You can do an online yoga class, buy eco friendly health and personal care products, or find a gift certificate for massage, acupuncture, cryotherapy, infrared sauna, or integrative health consultation that can kick start your wellness journey after social distancing ends.

We will post more ideas on how you can support Green Businesses in the coming weeks, be sure to follow us on  Facebook  and  Instagram !
Green Schools
The Green Schools Program goes virtual.

The Green Schools Program finished our final in-class presentations for the school year this past March. In total, our K-5 program was presented at 15 schools and reached over 5,020 students. Additionally, the Green Schools Program provided presentations, composting workshops, and waste audits for middle schools, high schools, and after school programs.

As schools are moving online for the remainder of the school year, the Green Schools Program is excited to offer some virtual engagement options to keep our youngest members of the community engaged in all things sustainability.

More information about distance learning lessons will be available online. Learn more about our Green Schools Program.
Food Waste
A great way to prevent food waste is to reduce the amount of food you bring into the kitchen; i.e. only buy what you think you can eat before items start going bad. To help prevent overbuying at the grocery store, take stock of what you already have and make a list of what you still need. Try to stick to your list and avoid impulse buys of items that might never get eaten. Creating a menu for week will also help determine what you need from the store.

Checkout SaveTheFood.com for tips on how to your groceries.
Recycle Coach Tip
Are Styrofoam cups or takeout containers recyclable?

While Styrofoam is technically recyclable, there is no viable market for recycling. Styrofoam should be placed in the trash can for curbside collection. Styrofoam is particularly toxic and causes havoc on our beaches. When possible, please try to avoid this material, and help us all out by picking up any Styrofoam litter you might see.

Download the Recycle Coach App to learn more!
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