Happy America Recycles Day!
Foam Cycle honors the Tiny House Community Development 
Good recycling programs, the solid ones, the well-thought-out ones, the ones that really make a difference in our environment, and the ones folks really get excited about participating in don’t start out in the board rooms of the large waste management companies. They start out like a mustard seed, in small corners of our country where determination and a “don’t say it can’t be done” attitude exist. 

On America Recycles Day, Foam Cycle honors the Tiny House Community Development in Greensboro, North Carolina. Tiny Houses started a foam (aka Styrofoam) recycling program accepting both food service foam and packaging foam from all Greensboro residents to help fund their mission of building Tiny Homes for the homeless and homeless veterans.

The foam waste collected is densified onsite and sold at a high value to a company that makes foam insulation boards. Soon, those insulation boards will be used to insulate the Tiny Homes that are built in Greensboro. 

Can a circular economy recycling program also be a socially responsible recycling program? The answer is YES!

Welcome to Tiny Homes!
More information on Tiny Homes foam recycling program can be found 

More Information on how you can start your own foam recycling program 
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“They say it can’t be recycled, we’re here to prove them wrong.”
~ Foam Cycle
About Foam Cycle
The first Foam Cycle system was placed in 2016 at the 250-acre Sussex County, New Jersey landfill and recycling drop-off center under a public-private partnership agreement. Since then, the Foam Cycle system has won numerous state and national waste reduction awards including a “Green Team” grant from Montclair State University (MSU) in New Jersey. In the summer of 2017, the MSU Green Team analyzed the impact of foam on the Sussex County landfill. In addition, they followed the recycling path of the material generated from the Foam Cycle system to an end-user repurposing facility that makes picture frame moulding, producing a white paper report of their findings.

Today, Foam Cycle systems can be found successfully operating at municipal recycling drop-off centers in several states throughout the country. Foam Cycle's positive and long-lasting impact on foam waste reduction in our landfills and waterways can only be realized when the system is available to every municipal recycling site in the country.

FACT: Most municipalities do not realize that foam waste can even be recycled. 
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