Vol 7, April 2016
Happy Anniversary, REGIT!
55 Years and Counting

It's hard to believe that REGIT is celebrating its 55th  year of providing individuals and employer groups with advice on how to best meet their insurance needs.  In November 1960 the Real Estate Group Insurance Trust (REGIT) was established to meet the needs of independent contractor Realtors┬« who had a difficult time finding coverage as an individual (the insurance world  was considerably  different  back  in 1960).
Much has changed in those 55 years and REGIT now serves individuals and businesses in any industry. Still, we haven't forgotten that the Realtors® gave us our start.

A bit of trivia - Do you know why REGIT's logo is a Tiger?
Answer: REGIT is TIGER spelled backwards.

New & Improved Life Insurance
What to expect

Life insurance plays an important role for some - protecting your family's financial future if you're suddenly not around to do so or covering final expenses.  But sometimes other health concerns - the need for long term care coverage either at home or in a nursing or assisted living facility, the prospect of a critical illness such as cancer or heart attack - seem equally important to relieve the stress on you and your family when illness strikes.
The good news is that now you can cover all those scenarios in one policy.  No one expects to be hit with a chronic illness or injury, but even so you can plan for them.  You can protect yourself from the financial impact of catastrophic events so that when they occur you have options that will preserve your savings and meet the enormous financial strains such an event causes.   
There are several life insurance policies that will pay benefits for chronic illness or injury or terminal illness before you die.  If you haven't looked at these new life insurance policies, you owe it to yourself and your family to do it today.  Contact REGIT at regit@regitinc.com or visit our website www.regitinc.com to request a quote.

What's Trending?

2016 is the year when finding your provider in a PPO network is a big challenge - and in some states such as Texas, it is nearly impossible to even find a PPO.  HMO's are becoming the wave of the future it seems. 
The reason for selecting a PPO has traditionally been that you could go out-of-network if you were in a situation where that was important to you.  You would have lower out-of-pocket costs for using in-network providers, but if you chose to opt-of-network the cost was in the range of twice the lower in-network exposure.  However, in 2016 many plans increased the go-of-network deductible, reduced the co-insurance they pay and, most dramatically, put no limit on your maximum out-of-pocket.  That means you could be paying 50% of your out-of-network charges with no cap.  In this scenario, if you had a $500,000 medical bill with out-of-network providers, you would be responsible for as much as $250,000. 
So if you are even considering going out-of-network for any care, be sure to check your policy as each carrier has a different approach to this.  It's certainly something you want to be aware of before you receive a surprise bill.  To read about other's experiences with this and other out-of-network exposures,  click here, for an article that appeared in Time magazine.

Thought for the Day

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.
~Albert Schweitzer
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