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July 30, 2020
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The Lowry Family enjoying water and cooler air in Flagstaff.
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A Reflection from
the Rev. Tim Yanni & the Rev. Emilie Finn

These past few months have been a roller coaster ride for just about everyone in the entire world. For us, here at All Saints’, we’ve been on quite the journey of our own. And that much would be true even if we were not in the middle of a global health pandemic. Let’s think of all that has happened in the past year:

Pastor Joie Baker left our parish to pursue a fabulous career opportunity out of state, then Fr. Tim joined us from Utah. Almost immediately afterward, Fr. Poulson Reed was elected Bishop of Oklahoma. Right before Fr. Reed left us to become Bishop Reed, Covid-19 struck and we were forced to close down public worship.

Because of the pandemic, our search for an interim rector took much longer than it otherwise would have. We are very happy to have Fr. Bill Lupfer in this role. His arrival has made it possible for our Associate Rectors, Pastor Emilie and Fr. Tim, to take some time to reflect on what they have learned over these past few months.

The following is a light-hearted look at the things they have learned that they really kinda sorta wish they’d never had to but did anyway.

  • We learned that Zoom meetings make for a great opportunity to pair a clerical shirt with a comfortable pair of shorts.

  • We learned that it’s really weird to grant absolution to a camera. (I mean, what has that camera been doing that it needs absolution, anyway?)

  • We learned that while a dog makes a pretty darn good coworker, a cat does not. 

  • We learned that, while Zoom is an awesome invention, the “hide self-view” option within Zoom is even more awesome.

  • We learned that it’s really awkward to respond to yourself. (When we say, “The Lord be with you. And also with you,” we feel like we did when we were kids and had an imaginary friend to talk to!)

  • We learned that it’s even more awkward to respond to yourself in song. (Our imaginary friends never did that!)

  • We learned that praying the daily office together on Facebook Live might just be the future of the monastic tradition.

  • We learned that 14 awesome teenagers will persevere through to the end of confirmation class, even over Zoom, and even when they don’t get confirmed at the end of it!

  • We learned that offering the sacrament of the sick over the phone is a great way to bring someone some comfort when we can’t actually be there with them in person.

  • We learned that a two-person funeral service can bring a whole lot more comfort to a grieving family member than we ever could have imagined.

  • We learned that when we preach to a camera, we can imagine that our jokes are so much funnier than you may actually perceive them to be.

  • We learned that Summer of Service T-Shirts are available in the correct color scheme in every size we need . . . except for one.

  • We learned that while we can turn off the fountain in the close so it doesn’t make any noise for a video recording, we can’t turn off airplanes, cars, lawnmowers, or birds, and that sometimes the sprinklers come on when we don’t expect it.


Be sure to check out Children's Chapel this Sunday, August 2
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Click here to print this coloring page to learn more about this week's Gospel story. 

OUR SUMMER OF SERVICE VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL participants are making great progress on their outreach projects.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO DONATE to the collection bins outside the main entrance to the church: One for St. Mary's Food Bank, and one for ICM. Please feel free to make any contribution to either bin.

St. Mary's Food Bank is in need of non-perishable (and non-meltable) food items, especially peanut butter, pasta, dry or canned beans, canned meat, and canned fruit.

ICM is in need of men's and children's clothes and shoes.

Children and Youth can still sign up by emailing Pastor Emilie Finn.  

If your ministry has any messages you would like shared with the community as a whole, please feel free to send it to   
The deadline for the Thursday eblast is Wednesday by 12noon.

to all of the people who have written cards for our Prison Ministry this spring. You've made a huge difference at a very difficult time. Want to participate? Contact Lora Villasenor at

ICM Food & Clothing Bank needs volunteer help! Want to make a difference at a time when it is even more crucial? Email:

Daughters of the King
We are women who desire a closer walk with the Lord. We are Christian women, both lay and ordained, who are strengthened through the discipline of a Rule of Life, and supported through the companionship of our sisters.
For more information, click here .
In spite of our separation now, we are opening our chapter to new members. Please call Pit Lucking 602-481-1674.

All women are invited every Friday at 9:30am on Zoom . The meeting is BYOC
(bring your own coffee)!
and follow the instructions on your screen to join.
Meeting ID: 856 1915 1273 and Password: 042007.
contact Pastor Emilie Finn at .

All men are invited
every Thursday at 8am on Zoom . The meeting is BYOC
(bring your own coffee)!,
and follow the instructions on your screen to join.
Meeting ID:871 2079 2718
and Password: 169888
contact Deacon Jim Bade at  

Virtual Couples Retreat in Times of Covid
Join Fr. Tim and Brandy Yanni for a virtual couples retreat to explore spirituality and romance in times of self-isolation during the global pandemic. Fr. Tim and Brandy will discuss things they’ve learned by spending so much time together in close quarters for so many months, and they invite you to share your experiences. This four-week series will include videos, couples worksheets, and a weekly Zoom conversation for discussion. Email Fr. Tim at to sign up or to request additional information. The virtual retreat will begin the week of August 3 and the Zoom conversation will take place at a day and time that is convenient to the participants. All couples are welcome!

This week, we pray for our beloved friends and family who have died.

May their souls and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

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FROM 07.19.2020

All Saints' Music School clarinet teacher, Dr. Katrina Clements
and Director of Music, Joseph Ripka
Recently, scam emails have been sent to members of All Saints' disguised as from our clergy asking for help or money.  THIS IS NOT FROM ALL SAINTS'. 
The best thing to do with a scam email is to report it to your own email as spam, or just delete it without responding. Please let the Church Office know.  

Always feel free to call staff or clergy to ask if you receive anything that gives you concern. No member of the All Saints' staff or clergy will ever email you from an All Saints' email address in any form other than:

THANK YOU for your caution. 
The Rev. Dr. Bill Lupfer
Interim Rector
The Rev. Emilie Finn
Associate Rector
Mission & Family Ministries
The Rev. Tim Yanni
Associate Rector
Pastoral Care & Connection
Thank you for your patience as we get comfortable with our new eblast design. It is a work in progress, so your ideas are most welcome. Just know, the staff and clergy are busy behind the scenes to make sure you stay connected to your parish and bring you meaningful worship offerings in this difficult time. No matter where we are, we can BE THE CHURCH . Questions, ideas, thoughts, just contact me directly at

Faithfully yours,
Nanette Kryske Towsley
Your Director of Communications
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