DrChloe.com Newsletter | October 2018
October 2018 Newsletter

Happy autumn!

As the weather gets crisp and the days grow shorter, many people find themselves searching for ways to cope with feeling caught indoors more frequently. I encourage you to build a list of fun indoor activities for yourself, such as making a list of good books or even quality TV/movies you'd like to catch up on during a proverbial "rainy day". Having a stash of quality entertainment ready can help make a quiet TV night feel healthy. Similarly, consider selecting some healthy meals on your Seamless app to have at your fingertips so you can just hit "express reorder" for an easy healthy dish while you curl up and relax indoors... sometimes the best way to deal with a challenge is to embrace it and see how you can make it work for you rather than fighting it.

I'm curious how YOU like to spend fall and winter... please feel free to reply and let me know!

Very Truly Yours,


Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD
Latest quotes on topics like people pleasing, pushing people away, and
how to handle nosy people!
3 Signs People-Pleasing Syndrome Is Affecting Your Life And Relationships

One of my quotes:
"When you make decisions that are best for you, they're actually best for other people, too, because you’re showing you value the relationship by being honest in your communication."

5 Toxic Behaviors In Relationships That Push People Away

One of my quotes:
"And when it’s a false apology, it’s passive aggression. Best thing to do is be secure in yourself, be direct and open about your point of view. Trust in what you’re feeling."

How To Navigate Dating Apps In Your 30s And 40s,
According To An Expert

One of my quotes:
“It can be encouraging to 'dip your toe' into the dating pool by just setting up a profile to see who messages you. This way you also build up a store of potential dates for whenever you’re ready.”

Got Dating Anxiety?
So Do Most of Us

One of my quotes:
“Some of the symptoms associated with anxiety, such as a slightly jittery feeling or butterflies in your stomach, can be nervous excitement.”

Why people feel the need to give you,
and celebrities like Lena Dunham,
unsolicited advice

One of my quotes:
“Sometimes the most helpful thing we can do is demonstrate respect for someone’s ability to use their own knowledge to navigate challenges.”

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