Happy Autumn Equinox Everyone!!! 
A Season for Reflection and Harvest


This change in season is a wonderful time of the year, especially the beauty of nature that unfolds during autumn.  But, it's also  a season of reflection and harvest...   What does that mean?    


     It means that we can begin to allow ourselves quality time for centering within the Soul; moments for quiet reflection so we can listen to the wisdom of our Souls and learn what we have harvested or recognize that we have in fact harvested the fruit of an intention (which may not look like what we expected).  The summer may have been filled with busy, quiet, challenging, fun and exciting moments.  And yet throughout all of our experiences and encounters we were constantly gathering fruits for our Souls, our minds, our hearts and our bodies.  Some of us had new and challenging experiences, some of us had familiar yet expanded experiences...  some pleasant, some unpleasant.  They all offered opportunities for our expansion on multiple levels of our being whether challenging or absolutely beautiful and heartfelt.  Either way we sometimes miss the gift behind the experience, until we allow ourselves quiet reflection.       

     During my time off from the Angelic Circle of Peace I enjoyed caring for myself in healthy and fun ways.  I also experienced challenging situations that initially upset me at my core.  Rather than obsessing (something I always did) over the little details about the situations, I found the situations a bit comical. I laughed at myself and asked, "What am I to learn about myself through this experience?"  When I allowed myself to reflect on it, especially how I handled the challenges, it become crystal clear.  The experience showed me that I have evolved...  once functioning outside of my powered in certain situations, I've become functional within my powered...  I didn't realize it until I took time to reflect.  The experiences were like a mirror for me... demanding that I know who I AM.    

     Indeed, when we really pay attention, everything is our teacher supporting, guiding, assisting, nurturing, nudging us to become fully who we are.   "Like the shorter days of autumn, which gently usher us inside at an earlier hour, the centering process invites us to tune into our inner self by unplugging from the external world."  And, then we experience the Soul and give thanks for the fruits we have harvested.  As we honor our own inner harvest we move forward through life's cycles of change with ease, grace and sometimes welcomed humor...  setting new or renewed intentions for the next season of change  -  it all starts from within!




  A Universal Affirmative Prayer & Decree to Change the Weather of Your Mind


     Today & Everyday I shall affirm that I remember that I am First & Foremost a Replica of the Infinite Thought of God, and I am always remembering my Divine Connection is always overflowing abundantly upon the face of Mother Earth.

     Each and Every Moment called "NOW" actually means that The Spirit called "I AM" is never ending, whole and complete; whenever I think of myself as an "individual" it means that I am a full integral part of GOD'S OWN CREATION....Therefore, I simply acknowledge that THE I AM PRESENCE called GOD is always present within me. There are no separations in my mental process nor in my feeling process, and not even in my physical presence, for what I see around me is really an illusion.

     I affirm that I and GOD are really and truly ONE

I affirm that no matter what the weather and climate outside of myself, the I AM within me can easily see, feel, know and understand that I am feeling the excitement of being alive, of being happy and joyful within myself.

     I affirm that I am totally responsible for making and having myself being just as happy and free within my own mind.

     I affirm that GOD-in-Me is absolutely pleased with me. GOD in me as Me called I AM means that I shall always be free in my own mind and happy all of the time.

     I affirm that I celebrate Life and Living as I AM which is GOD IN ME. I affirm that GOD is always and infinitely my unfailing supply of absolute support and prosperity abundance right here and now in my life.


                             ~ Bishop Francis E. Revels-Bey



Mabon/Fall Equinox Meditation



Pagan Guided Meditation - Mabon/Fall Equinox - Wheel of the Year Series 
We are the Infinite Light of OneLOVE  
 Rev. Barbara 

Be Present for You!!!!


Be still and discover your center of peace. Through nature, the ten thousand things move along, but each returns to its source. Returning to center is peace. Return to Source.

~ Lao-tzu



Calm the mind, that without distortion, it may mirror Omnipresence.

~ Paramahansa Yogananda



We are members of a vast cosmic orchestra, in which each living instrument is essential to the complimentary and harmonious playing of the whole.

~J. Allen Boone




 Before you can do something that you've never done before, you have to be able to imagine [and believe] it's possible.

 ~Jean Shinoda Bolen.


Nothing happens until there is movement.

 ~Albert Einstein







Happiness is a Birthright!


  Notes from the Universe



Novenas are wonderful prayers that produce wondrous miracles. Although Catholics are well known for using Novenas,  anyone of any faith, spiritual path or cultural affiliation  can use them.  I would love to give testimony for someone who had an extraordinary experience, but it is not my story to tell...  so I will simply share this.  I suggested to a struggling single mother who regularly attended my Angel circle to begin a Novena. She and her daughter were facing a pending eviction after a long protracted financial difficulty.  In the course of one day she completed a nine (9) hour Novena.  Within days of her Novena, to her amazement and deepest gratitude, she received a miracle of financial healing .  The power of prayer is truly remarkable!!!    


The "Novena" link above has info about Novenas, how to use them, and a list of Novenas that can be used for various situations.