Happy Awareness Day 2015
C ongratulations!  The U.S. has 30 states requested and 17 states officially proclaimed October 9th Awareness Day.  This year the Department of Health Minister in Saskatchewan Province, Canada proclaimed Awareness Day as well.

Parents have handed out approx 4000 brochures and postcards in honor of Awareness Day.  School nurses remain on the front-line  to intercept and help our children. We continue to remain a presence in the eyes of our communities and will not relent in our demand for proper care. Thank you everyone!

And thank you to those who have donated recently.  Please consider sharing PANDAS research efforts  as we continue through 2015.  Donate Here
Final 2015  Proclamations to be issued:

Saskatchewan, Canada


Collin and Brody Towey, Alabama
We want to especially thank the Collin and Brody Towey (and parents) for sending us the final Proclamation.
In honor of their brave efforts to STOP PANDAS in their home we want to give a shout out to their two favorite super heroes who assist them in all things requiring bravery, good sense and humor. 
Mom says that they will be reading at school tomorrow "In A Pickle Over PANDAS" with accompanying cupcakes for their classmates. W ay to go guys!

Collin and Brody Towey 
Proudly holding the Alabama Proclamation
 Super Ninja Turtle Raphael (Brody)

Captain Underpants (Collin)  

Thank you Moleculera Labs...
f or your brave stand at the Oklahoma Capitol Steps with Governor Mary Fallin today! Your receiving the proclamation on our children's behalf is a  bold 
message to doctors and researchers. 
A n important new video has been unveiled on Moleculera's site in time to commemorate Awareness Day . It better explains the intricate science based,
mechanisms at play in PANDAS-PANS kids brains. 

Please take time to watch the video and  share it. Link to Moleculera Labs

The Cunningham Panel: Testing for PANDAS and PANS
The Cunningham Panel:
Testing for PANDAS and PANS
Thank you for your courageous fight for awareness.  As we write this we have another report of a California hospital considering what it might take to open a PANDAS-PANS based clinic.  So many children need excellent care.

Remember, to send us your pictures of your events if you like or your children and we are happy to continue to post on this website.  

Warmly, The PANDAS Network Team

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