Young Adult Group, St. Vincent de Paul
Promoting faith and fellowship for Catholics in their 20s and 30s��


As we celebrate Pentecost today, we celebrate the birthday of the Church, when the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus' Apostles and gifted them with such things as wisdom, understanding, counsel and fortitude. It is, then, a time for us to evaluate our Spirit-led endeavors, and to see in what direction God is leading us in our religious lives. Akin to Martin Sheen's character in "The Way," (which we watched last week--we had such a great turnout! thank you all for coming), we all experience times when we seem to lack direction and could use someone to show us the way. Fortunately for us, we have the best guide in Our Lord. In watching that film, it is interesting to pause for a minute and think about in what direction He is calling each of us.

Perhaps God has been whispering to you about doing more charitable work, but your schedule has made that very difficult or you just don't know which charities are available. Maybe He has put a desire on your heart to serve Him as a eucharistic minister. Or, maybe you are like many with whom we have talked who have felt a desire to become more involved in the Young Adults group.

As our group experiences some personnel changes over the next few weeks, we are eagerly looking for members to become more active in the group. This does not necessarily mean joining the leadership team; it could just include leading one activity per month, or as your schedule allows. Simply put, we need more people to lead activities to keep our group active and strong. How can you help?

Feel free to email us with any and all comments, including activities you would be willing to take charge in leading. Maybe you already do some charitable work and need more volunteers...or there might be an activity coming up (play, concert, movie) that you are planning on attending and you think would interest your fellow young adults. Email us with details and we will see what we can do!

COMING UP: Sunday June 24th--Wine and Cheese after the 5:15 Mass.

Announcements: Christina Bellino (now Sullivan!) wanted to thank everyone who came to St. Vincent's yesterday to celebrate her marriage with Sean. It was a truly beautiful day, and she was happy to see some of you come and celebrate with her!

Prayer Chain: Please keep all ill family members and friends in your prayers, as well as all of our family and friends seeking employment in such a tough economic climate. Also, please keep Christina and Sean Sullivan, and all newly wedded couples, in your prayers as they begin their marriages in Christ. Please email us if you have an intention to add to the prayer chain.

Blessings from your Young Adult Leadership Team,
Christina Bellino Sullivan, Courtney O'Hagan, Paul Boyer, Greg Sirotek, Jonas Malalang, and John Monley