Happy Birthday, Jackson Pollock!     

If Jackson Pollock were alive, he would have turned 104 today.

As a belated birthday tribute, 
CBS Sunday Morning will air a special segment on the current exhibition,  "Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots," on view through March 20 at the Dallas Museum of Art. Check the program's website for details. Portions of the segment, featuring correspondent Rita Braver, were filmed at the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center. The Study Center aided the exhibition's curator, Gavin Delahunty, during his research, and provided photographs for the exhibition and catalog.
CBS filming
The camera crew, Henry Bautista and Paul Sedia, filming Rita Braver (in red) and  
P-K House director Helen Harrison in the studio and on the grounds.
Photos by Lauren Sheprow. 
The Museum of Modern Art's current exhibition, "Jackson Pollock: A Collection Survey, 1934-1954," features more than 50 works from the museum's comprehensive holdings. Among them is Number 1A, 1948, which was painted in the Pollock-Krasner House, not in the barn studio. To learn the history of this fascinating painting, enlivened by the artist's hand prints, visit Hamptons Art Hub.
Number 1A_ 1948

Jackson Pollock, Number 1A, 1948. Oil and enamel on canvas, 68 x 104 inches.
  © The Pollock-Krasner Foundation /  Artists Rights Society (ARS) New York.

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Pollock 1936

Pollock with Rita Benton (in white hat) at the Benton home in Martha's Vineyard, 1936.
Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt.
Three Pollock exhibitions now on view

Museum of Modern Art, New York

Pollock Birthday Party in Phoenix

The Children's Museum of Phoenix, housed in the former Monroe School, which Jackson attended in 1923-24, will hold its annual Pollock birthday celebration today. The staff will decorate a large sheet cake with--you guessed it--multicolored icing squeezed directly from tubes. There will also be a Pollock-inspired studio project for the kids.

For more information about the museum's Pollock-themed programs, please contact John Bomhoff, Art Studio Manager.