Today is a special day for all of us in the IONS family and beyond. It is a day for us to celebrate legacy — the enduring heritage that lives on from a loved one. 

We celebrate our legacy on September 17 as today is the birthday of our visionary founder, Edgar Mitchell — the Apollo 14 astronaut who boldly launched the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1973 after experiencing a profound epiphany as he returned from the Moon in his space capsule. Seeing our beautiful Earth dramatically rise into view as an exquisite marble floating in space, he was overcome by an undeniable inner-knowing that everything is interconnected through a unified field — and is accessible to us all . Forever transformed by that moment, Edgar shifted from being an explorer of outer space to one of inner space ! He devoted the rest of his life to scientifically exploring the frontier edges of consciousness — which he was first to label ”Noetic Sciences.”  
Forty-five years later, IONS embodies Edgar’s legacy everyday. It is why our Science Team has committed to conducting the largest study ever done on the effects of transformative practices and experiences on well-being, creativity, intuition, and extraordinary human capacities. It is why IONS President Cassandra Vieten champions a research-based program to enable change-makers to be much more effective in communicating their vital messages
Legacy is why I recently participated in a special convening in Germany with leaders from across Europe to deepen our ability to incorporate the sacred into business and community leadership . It is why IONS is expanding the capacity of our EarthRise Retreat Center and virtual convening spaces to provide more people the opportunity to experience personal and collective transformation . And legacy is why we seek to ensure the sustainability of this critical work by developing the next generation of noetic scientists and thought leaders .

Edgar’s heritage and enduring contribution clearly live on—and are more crucial today than ever before as Noetics has the potential to reveal solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

Please join us today in celebrating Edgar’s legacy by making a special gift to IONS! Together we can bring forth a more interconnected world.

With gratitude,
Claire Lachance
Chief Executive Officer