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Happy Birthday to the Kansas Republican Party.  157 years ago, in Osawatomie, the old Free State Party dissolved and re-formed as the Kansas Republican Party and has been fighting for individual freedom and general prosperity ever since.  

Happy Birthday

Last Saturday we held our state convention to elect 25 delegates and 25 alternate delegates to the national convention; to adopt a party platform; and to approve a resolution on judicial retention elections.  It was an efficient and no drama affair, unlike, for instance the Nevada Democrats where physical disruptions and verbal abuse were the rule - [ read & watch it here:]

Now that the State Convention is behind us, we are turning all our efforts to the 2016 Election.  June 1 is the cutoff for candidate filing. Only then we will know the full field of candidates.

As a reminder, June 1 is also the filing deadline for precinct leaders. If a person misses the filing deadline, they can still be elected as a precinct leader if they have at least 5 write-in votes.   Precinct leaders are the foundation of the party, if your precinct is vacant, get a form from the county clerk and file to run, no fee to file.

P.S.  This is the hotel in Osawatomie where the first republican convention was held.

Jillson Hotel

"That we, the people of Kansas, in Delegate Convention assembled, do proceed to organize the Republican Party and declare our principles as follows: . . ."



Last Saturday the Kansas Republican Party held its convention in Topeka to elect the 25 At-Large national convention delegates and 25 alternate delegates.

The elected delegates and alternates were:

1st District
Elaine Adams
Robert Arnold
Celia Beymer
Bev Caley
Carly Couture
John Pyle
Carolyn Simms
2nd District
Mike Howerter
Richard Kiper
Ryan Kriegshauser
Virginia Macha
Tim Shallenberger
Mike Todd

3rd District
Mary Kay Culp
Beverly Gossage
Sec State Kris Kobach
Derek Kriefels
David Lightner
Jared Suhn
4th District
Nathan Cox
Mark Dugan
State Treas Ron Estes
Susan Estes
Debbie Luper
Rep John Whitmer
1st District
Ron Adams
Rob Fillion
Larry Lambert
Kathy Martin
Shawn Shipley
Ben Wilson
2nd District
Don Alexander
Josh Bell
Ken Brock
Chuck Knapp
Sen Jacob LaTurner
Renee Slinkard
Brandon Smith

3rd District
Ruth Colyer
Laura McConwell
Alana Roethle
Charles Sciolaro
Theresa Segraves
Zelma Sully
4th District
Rep Blake Carpenter
Joshua Hofer
Suyapa Journey
Deb Lucia
Richard Macias
Donald McGinty



The State Party adopted a resolution urging the voters NOT to retain four of the five Supreme Court Justices up for retention on the November ballot.


[ Resolution HERE ]


With 13 days left to file, here is the legislative candidate status:


US Senate:  We hold the seat and there are two democrat challengers


US House:  We hold all four seats.  Two have primaries (CD1 and CD3).  Three have democrat challengers (CD2, CD3, CD4)


KS Senate:  We hold 32 of 40 seats

  • 4 of our senators are not running again
  • 11 republican senate seats have primaries
  • 2 republicans are challenging democrat seats
  • 20 democrats are challenging republican seats
KS House:  We hold 97 of 125 seats
  • 16 of our House members are not running again
  • 22 republican house seats have primaries 
  • 6 republicans are challenging democrat seats
  • 39 democrats are challenging republican seats



Saturday's Convention adopted the State Republican Platform, a statement of what Kansas Republicans stand for.  It presents stark differences between Republican and Democrat core beliefs.

Read it [ HERE ]

For instance - Republicans believe that each person is unique, a unique mix of an infinite number individual traits.  Republicans reject group-identity politics and place value on individual freedom and liberty.  

Democrats, on the other hand, minimize individuality and instead emphasize placing people into groups based on characteristics like race, gender, income, age, etc.  And within any characteristic one sub-group are deemed oppressors and the others are deemed victims.  (examples: men are oppressors, women are victims.  rich are oppressors, poor are victims) From that belief comes classic leftist policies such as forced redistribution of society's benefits and mandatory "diversity."  

In Memory

Virgil Lair, 88, husband of well-known former Republican National Committeewoman Mary Alice Lair, of Piqua, and later Chanute, died May 11.

Upcoming Republican Events

May 24: Washington (44 delegates) 

June 1:  Filing deadline for Kansas Candidates

June 7: (303 Delegates)
  • California (172 delegates) 
  • Montana (27 delegates)
  • New Jersey (51 delegates)
  • New Mexico (24 delegates)
  • South Dakota (29 delegates)
July 18-21:  National Republican Convention

Aug 2:  Kansas Primary

Nov 8:  General Election

All Kansas Republican Events with details are Listed on the party website Calendar:   [ HERE ]

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