Happy 75th Birthday Mark Lindsay  
From Where I Was Standing -  by Patty Spade
"Mark Lindsays'  Come Back Album" - Steven Van Zandt
The co-founder and lead singer of Paul Revere And The Raiders   - by BeatleBob

Happy Birthday Mark !
Mike Caruso (The Doughboys), Mark Lindsay,
Kurt Reil (House of Vibes), Gar Francis (Producer & Songwriter) Wayne Olivieri (Bongo Boy TV)  

"From Where I Was Standing" -  by Patty Spade
     It was the 60's and all about the music. All the girls were buying the "Teen Books" from the shelves before the store clerks could even get them out of the boxes to see their faves and read about them.
A friend had asked me if I had ever watched a show called "Where the Action Is" because there was a super groovy group on there called Paul Revere and the Raiders. I replied that I hadn't seen it - yet.
On a Saturday in December of 1966, I decide to go to the local drug store and check out the Teen fashion magazines and maybe get a milkshake. When I got to the magazine rack, I stopped as if I ran into a brick wall. There on the cover of a magazine was the most handsome man I had ever seen. Forget fashion, I had to see who this guy was, it didn't matter to what his occupation was.  He took my breath away! I took the magazine from the rack and just stared at those eyes. Who was this guy? The magazine was "Datebook" and I'd never noticed it before. Well, I had to find out more. I skimmed through the pages and found the guy on the cover. His name was Mark Lindsay and had been named Superstar of 67. I kept reading the article and I found out he was in a group called Paul Revere and the Raiders and was the lead singer! This must have been the group my friend had been telling me about. I just had to learn more about him so I got every teen mag I could and tuned in every day to Dick Clark's "Where The Action Is". How did I miss this tall, dark and handsome man with the ponytail who sang in a group that wore revolutionary outfits and were always having fun? I don't know, but I never missed him again.   

  I always checked the local stores to get any magazine he was in and every album or 45 they had. One day, I got the newest edition of 16 magazine that listed The Raiders' tour schedule. There is was, my chance to go see Mark Lindsay and this cool group: July 2, 1967 Huntington, West Virginia at the Memorial Fieldhouse! My dad had told me when they toured near us that he would take me and he mailed the money for our tickets, not requesting any special seating.
     The Raiders had recorded an album called "Midnight Ride" with a song on it written by Mark and Paul Revere called "Little Girl in the Fourth Row". I had heard that he would sing that song to a girl he'd pick out in the fourth row and that was the most wonderful "dreamy" song.
     My dad handed me the envelope without tickets in it and I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I had a ticket for the fourth row on the very end.
     Fast forward to the night of the show and we arrive at the fieldhouse where it was filled with teen age girls and some parents. I couldn't believe how many were there! They were all talking and giggling all the way into the floor of the concert and we got our seat. I felt like I was in a daze. The Raiders were introduced and there they came! The white Revolutionary outfits were so groovy. Even better than the pictures. They didn't walk on stage, they jumped on it and there he was, just as handsome as he was in the teen magazines. The Raiders were so energetic and the crowd went wild! There was so much screaming, it was almost hard to hear them. Every song they sang sounded just like it did on their albums and Mark Lindsay's voice was as good as he looked. I was loving every minute of the show. Paul Revere and the Raiders had arrived in Huntington, West Virginia and let everyone know they were there! They were having fun and driving the girls wild with every dance step, note and their amazing energy. It was contagious. Most of the time, my eyes were focused on Mark.
     After several wonderful rocking songs, the tempo slowed down and I just stood there. Mark Lindsay was looking right at me saying "This song is for you". All of a sudden a group of girls began gathering around me and kept screaming. I was not wanting to hear them, I wanted to hear Mark sing "Little Girl in the Fourth Row". I turned to them and asked them to please not scream because I wanted to hear him. They got quiet and all I could do was stand there with a smile on my face while I heard those words to the song in person sung my Mark himself.
   The Raiders could have played and sung all night but I knew they'd have to finish eventually. I was ready to run to the fence which was close to the steps of the stage they ran up on. I had a cross to give to Mark and I knew he'd probably not be able to get to me to get it, but it was worth a try. As they finished and the whole place was filled with girls screaming and clapping, I ran to the fence and was able to shout his name and as the guards rushed them out, he turned around and blew a kiss to me and waved at me. I watched as he disappeared among the many people and guards.
My dream had come true and the tears rolled down my face....I looked back at my dad and he was smiling.
     It was the most wonderful experience for a small town girl and I know everyone was still so excited because they saw Paul Revere and the Raiders live in concert!
     Now when was the next one? I was ready to go again.                          - Patty Spade

The Coolest Song In The World - Show Me The Love - Mark Lindsay
The Coolest Song In The World - Show Me The Love - Mark Lindsay
Like Nothing That You've Seen - Coolest Song In The World
Like Nothing That You've Seen - Coolest Song In The World

Mark Lindsay's "Come Back Album" 2 
Coolest Song In The World - Steven Van Zandt
Like Nothing That You've Seen
Show Me Your Love 


The American Mick Jagger - Mark Lindsay -  Life Out Loud
The American Mick Jagger - Mark Lindsay on Halloween  2013 Life Out Loud
Happy Birthday Mark Lindsay: The co-founder and lead singer of Paul Revere And The Raiders   - by BeatleBob
When you turned on the TV in the 1960s, chances are you'd see his face before you knew it. If you turned on the radio, it wasn't long before you'd hear his voice coming over the airwaves. If a concert tour was coming to your town, most likely it included Paul Revere And The Raiders, the group which featured Mark Lindsay, who just happens to be the co-founder, lead singer and sax player. If you picked up a teen magazine of the day, it's safe to say a good many pages were devoted to Mark Lindsay.

Mark Lindsay, who saturated the teen rags for the majority of the decade. What was it about him? His tall, dark, handsome, mysterious presence? His soul-soaked R&B voice? His ponytail?
Teen idol magazines called Mark the American Mick Jagger...with the Paul
 McCartney looks. If you look at Tiger Beat or 16 Magazine here was this clean cut All-American guy but inside was still this raucous raunchy punk hanging from the rafters.

Most people know that Mark Lindsay was the lead singer/front man for Paul
 Revere and the Raiders, a band that, in my opinion, often gets short-changed when it comes to its contribution to '60s soul/blues/R&B. Sure, it had some incredible pop hits, but at the root of its songs were gritty, crunchy and aggressive musical lines and lyrics. So the members wore full-on colonial garb. Who cares? It's all about the music, man!

You can email Mark Lindsay a birthday greeting at:  madmanmarklindsay@gmail.com

And you can connect on the youtube screen below to hear Mark Lindsay ignite a track from the Paul Revere And The Raiders' classic Midnight Ride  (1966) album: "Take A Look At Yourself."                                                                                                                - BeatleBob

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