June 6, 2018

Today Monk Monk turns 8 years old! 

Monk Monk's previous "home" was a birdcage in a hoarding situation with hundreds of dogs and cats. After Monk Monk's "owner" had a stroke, Jungle Friends was contacted.

Monk Monk was very malnourished when she arrived, but as soon as she was healthy enough, she met monkey friends. Monk Monk now lives with Charlotte, who lost her sister Samantha last December to breast cancer.
In this video I tell the story of how Monk Monk blossomed from shy to social at Jungle Friends!
I feel so fortunate that Monk Monk chose me to be her first friend at Jungle Friends, and now she has lots of monkey and human friends!



Terry Clark, Monkey Caregiver
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary


We also want to say Happy Birthday to Ann Barclay! Ann and Monk Monk are Birthday Buddies, celebrating their birthdays on the same day!
(If you're curious who your Birthday Buddy is? Find out here!)
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