The thought of financing your international adoption can be intimidating! And, here at Madison Adoption Associates , we do what we can to ensure that finances not act as a roadblock when it comes to finding families for children. With that in mind, we are thrilled to partner with an amazing organization, Brittany’s Hope , to be able to help families ease some of the financial burden of the adoption process. We are in the process of reviewing grant applications, and will be awarding grants within the next few weeks! So, if you are an MAA family, and have identified a child for adoption, please apply today!! Email Sarah Hansen for more information, or head over to our Madison Adoption Families group on Facebook where you will find the application in the Files section.
Meet Waiting Children in Colombia this October!

Imagine… You are almost 12 years old.  You live in a beautiful country, steeped in history and culture. There are breathtaking monuments, old churches, and museums galore. But yet, you have never had the opportunity to explore the famous sites, or eat out at restaurants, or even been to the zoo! Just past the gates of the orphanage, there is so much to explore! But you have never been given the chance due to logistics and limited resources. You are Michael.
Enter Reverse Hosting - A program designed to not only give the waiting children of Colombia a chance to explore their country, but even better… to give them a chance at finding their forever family! With your participation in the program, children like Michael get to experience the sites and sounds of Bogota. They get to eat out at restaurants with your family. They get to pray at famous churches. With you... while you teach them what it is like to be a part of a loving family! And while you and your host child are busy enjoying all that Bogota has to offer, something even bigger and better is happening. You are getting to know the child so that we can all work together to find Michael a permanent family. You are learning his likes and dislikes, studying his mannerisms, and figuring out what makes him tick. And maybe, somewhere along the way, you are falling in love….with Colombia, with the culture, and with Michael….
We are headed to Bogota with our Reverse Hosting Program in October 2019! Ready to be part of something big, and to change a life?  Click here , or email Adriana Chaves .

Are you an ace when it comes to paperwork? If so, it is not too late to  apply  to submit your dossier to Philippines this year!  MAA is able to accept one final family who can get their dossier in before 12/31! This family would have to move very quickly. If your family is already in the home study process, or have an approved home study but wish to change programs, you will be given preference! MAA expects additional healthy slots for 2020 so additional families can apply without the rush! Healthy, beautiful toddlers are available. Though the wait is currently 2-3 years for a toddler with no needs, families are able to review monthly special needs lists and can move into the fast track if they find a child that is a good fit. Please contact  Lindsey Gilbert  if interested! Remember, timing is of the essence so this family would need to move fast! Thank you!   
Giving back to FANA

You might not be able to host this summer, or you may not be in a position to adopt, but you CAN do something! Colombia's FANA (Foundation for the Assistance of Abandoned Children) has several needs that we are hoping we can help them with. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve, and make a positive impact on the lives of the children of FANA! Feel free to involve your communities as well!  We are hoping to send some donations back to Colombia with the summer hosting group in two or three suitcases. We also need suitcases donated in order to send these items to them. Please email Erica Conte for the donation list.  We would need everything to the Illinois office by 
July 20th .  

Madison Adoption Associates
128 N. John Street
Suite 2
Rochester, IL 62563

Thank you so much for considering helping out the awesome kids at FANA! 
We can all do something!!
MAA's IL Summer Hosting Picnic
Saturday, July 27th 11am-1pm

You bring your packed lunch, and we’ll bring the lawn games, and fun! This is a great opportunity for families to meet and connect with the Colombia host children. We hope to see you there!
See who came home in June!