Has it really been three years yogis?

Whitetop Yoga opened it's doors March 3rd, 2014.  "They" say that many times the best things in life just show up rather than get planned out. In this case, it couldn't have been more true.  I'm very grateful for what felt like  "a field of dreams- if you build it then they will come" yoga studio back in 2014.  In addition to my family, this wonderful community has been my BEST teacher and biggest gift so far in life. 

I truly appreciate the great people that have stepped in to teach classes, keep everything straight behind the scenes, and practice with us along the way.  Since March 2014, I have connected with the most awesome, amazing, loving, considerate, weird-(in such a cool way!), fun, compassionate and open minded human beings. These fast friends have given WTY the feeling that we have been here for 30 years rather than three.  I am also very grateful that Sean Bossie had the vision, and put all the blood sweat and tears into the renovation of 122 Wall Street several years before we opened.  We all reap the rewards of his hard work every time we practice.  

So what now?

I see our fourth year as one of deepening our roots. Next month we will be taking 22+ yogis on a 200 hour journey to go deeper in their practice. We have a solid group of well trained, dedicated and experienced teachers, and best of all, we have tons of students that now know how to "do a down dog", have fallen in love with yoga, and are ready and hungry for more.  Life at Whitetop Yoga is pretty good!  Today, I'm sitting and receiving the love that is this place.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for being part of it!  

With so much love and gratitude,


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