August 2017
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From the Heart
From the Heart....

I personally want to thank you for being such an important part of our growth.  During our first 2 years as Reno Guns & Range, we've experienced the usual new business stresses, but have also had many great successes.   As we approach this anniversary, I wanted to express my gratitude to our amazing team, customers, vendors and friends.

When I started in this industry in 2008 as one of the founders of U.S. Firearms Academy, I had never even held a firearm.  The thought of learning to shoot was intriguing, but as it turned out, it was more difficult for me to embrace and stick with than I expected.  I was lucky though.  I was surrounded by a few people who encouraged (not pushed) me in many different ways.

While at U.S. Firearms Academy,  Jay was always passionate about training and worked long hours at helping to create a variety of training programs, some of which were for women only.  Our desire to provide quality training continued to grow.  Jay became our Training Manager and continues to be a valued part of our team.

At Shot Show 2013, I stumbled on a Digital Simulator system.  Proven to be valuable in the Military and Law Enforcement world, we believed it could provide a significant value to the civilian world as well, so along with  the support of my family, Jordan and David, we created MiScenarios LLC and brought the technology to Reno.  This system was ultimately rolled into Reno Guns & Range and continues to offer great training options.

2014 was a major turning point for the business.   With major support of Jordan (General Manager), Tyler (Sales Manager), and Jay (Training Manager), I decided it was time to build a First Class Indoor shooting and Training facility.  Along the way, I also met Ken Crawford, whose passion is also training.  Ken joined our team (Range Manager and Senior Instructor) and opened new doors for us.  I am very grateful to each of these people as they have helped make this project what it is today.

On a very broad level, our vision was to create an indoor shooting and training facility that's family friendly, safety oriented and comfortable for people with all levels of experience.  I'm proud of our whole team at Reno Guns & Range. The passion and commitment of our sales, range, instructor and admin teams support all of these efforts and translates to the many smiles, great reviews and referrals we regularly see.

On a personal note to anyone who might not know how to get started ... I understand and assure you that we're here to work through it all with you.  Take tiny steps, don't be pressured, enjoy the journey.  As you build confidence, you'll become more empowered.  Your journey may even expand and become an exciting adventure.  But again, start slow and go at your pace.  Our instructors and training options are amazing.   

I also commend many of you who are becoming better marksmen through practice and training.  We love seeing you grow!  

Finally, I'm proud to say that since we opened, I've taken a number of our classes and love to train.  Most recently I even took the 2 day Advanced Pistol Handling class with Rob Pincus during the 2017 PDN tour.  While it was physically challenging, I'm sooo happy I did it.   I hope you enjoy your journey as much as I've come to enjoy mine.

Debbie Block, Founder & President
Training with Rob Pincus  
2 Year Birthday Celebration!


Membership Special:
Processing Fee waived for all Annual paid memberships  purchased 8/26 - 9/3

16 Chances to Win!  Valued at $3500!
Includes a POF Renegade 5.56 & MORE!

How to Earn Your Raffle Tickets 8/26 - 9/3
1 Ticket with in store Registration - Limited to 1 per person 
1 Ticket at time of checkout from the Range - Limited to 1 per day
1 Ticket for every $100 spent in Retail OR  
4 Tickets for every $100 spent for a POF

Must be present to win
Saturday, August 26
11AM - 4PM POF Demo Day, Meet the Rep,  Chance to win one of 4 POF triggers (Value $150ea!)
Sunday, August 27
4PM Raffle for Free Range Pass for 2 ($30 Value each) 3 chances!
Monday, August 28
5PM Raffle for Free Range Pass for 2 ($30 Value each) 3 chances!
Tuesday, August 29
5PM Raffle for Machine Gun Package for 2* (Value $113)
Includes: Range fee, eye & ear protection for 2, (2) Targets, (2) 28 round Machine Gun Mags
Wednesday, August 30
5PM Raffle for Intro To Handgun class (Value $125)
Thursday, August 31
5PM Raffle for a Free Buy 10 Get 2 Free Range Pass ($180 Value. Available to buy for $150)
Friday, September 1
5PM Raffle for a Standard Membership ($300 Value. Also available for purchase)
Saturday, September 2
5PM Raffle Drawing for Special Events Package ($460 Value)
Includes: 2 hrs Special Events room, 2 hours 4 lane Bay, Range fee for up to 10
Sunday September 3 -  2:00 PM - 4:00PM
Birthday Cake & Social
4:00 PM Raffle Drawing for a POF Renegade 5.56 Rifle (Value $1500)
New 1919 Browning Machine Gun Rental

" I Hit it! " Gotta give it a shot!

CCWSafe - "Defending Those Who Are Forced to Defend Themselves"

 National Legal Defense Memberships

Multi-Day pass available
Special Offer
Range Pass ... Buy 10 Range days - Get 2 FREE  
Come in from the heat, Keep cool & Save
Suppressing your Home Defense handgun

Testing suppressed ammo for a defensive handgun

On consignment
Training Opportunities
Great training options in the upcoming months 
all levels of experience 
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Training Manager - Extension 20

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 Training Manager (775) 826-2626 Ext 20
Don't miss these popular classes:
Date Course Name Instructor
Nevada CCW class 
  * Includes NV, UT, FL and OR
Shooting qualification is conveniently done in our range.
Shooting qualification is conveniently done in our range.

Course Name Instructor


A skills development class.  500-600 rounds.

An Intuitive shooting program designed to help the student be more efficient with a defensive firearm in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident. This course is Powered by CFS® Program and is a full day of intense training, teaching and practice. Learn more

Alessandro Padovani



Safer Faster Knife Defense provides a simple and intuitive training program that will quickly make you more efficient in deploying and using a knife in a modern defensive context. 

Alessandro Padovani


Gain knowledge and understanding of what goes on emotionally and psychologically during a confrontation. We focus on awareness, verbal  de-escalation, fear management, mindset, and simple, intuitive tactics. Does not involve firearms training so this course is suitable for all.  
Great gift idea!

Alessandro Padovani

Classroom and required shooting qualification are done in our climate controlled facility.  You will experience our scenario based trainer as well as our indoor shooting lanes (equipped with one of the most advanced targetry systems available).

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Military Night and Ladies Nights
Tuesdays - Military Night   ~   Thursdays - Ladies Night 
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
50% off Range Fee & Gun Rentals (excluding NFA)
* In addition, we offer Qualified LE & Military 10% off an annual paid membership.
Bulls-Eye League
Bulls-Eye Shooting League!
Keep up the great work!

Watch for the Fall League Sign ups Website

Free for members | $10 for non-members
Minimum 4 hour notice required

$10 for one or $25 for three.  You must purchase ammo from us for use in all rental.
Most Machine Guns are $35/magazine (includes machine gun & in most cases 28 rounds)

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