Happy Birthday to Us!
Council Celebrates Prevention Efforts

The Upriver Youth Leadership Council (UYLC) and Youth Advisory Board (YAB) held their first annual Volunteer and Partner Appreciation Banquet on Wednesday, February 21, at The Life Center. Approximately 140 guests were in attendance. The banquet was for current coalition members, partners and volunteers to celebrate accomplishments over the past year. The banquet was organized by the UYLC’s executive board and staff to show appreciation to their community partners and members who go above and beyond to help prevent substance abuse in Kamiah and surrounding communities. After a delicious three course dinner, Master of Ceremonies, Kelly Lineberry began the Awards program by announcing it was UYLC’s birthday. A video of the year’s activities was shared. This video can be viewed at https://youtu.be/4pIKPZPNdLo . There were 18 awards given out to those who show great dedication for the mission of the coalition and go out of their way to help create a drug-free community in Kamiah. 

 Upriver Youth Leadership Council 2017 Awards: 
  • Education Partner of the Year- Kamiah School District
  • Law Enforcement Partner of the Year- Lewis County Sherriff Jason Davis
  • Law Enforcement Partner of the Year Kamiah Marshall Kirtus Gaston
  • Media Partner of the Year-The Clearwater Progress
  • Healthcare Partner of the Year--Angela Broncheau, Nimiipuu Health Clinic
  • Business Donor of the Year- Jacobs Lumber
  • Religious Partner of the Year-The Life Center
  • Civic Organization Partner of the Year -Diehard Sports Association
  • City Government Partner of the Year - City of Kamiah
  • Youth Serving Organization Partner of the Year- I Vision - Nez Perce Youth Project
  • Parent Volunteer of the Year- Kellie Yates Hunt
  • 2017 Outstanding Youth Awards:
  • YAB President Thomas Moss-Mozley
  • YAB Vice President Jace Sams
  • YAB Secretary Hailey Brotnov
  • YAB Treasurer Jace Johnson
  • YAB High School Representative Spencer Flerchinger
  • YAB Middle School Representative Kaylee Hunt
  • YAB Middle School Representative Mikal Brotnov

The mission of UYLC is to empower community youth to create a healthy, drug free community. They meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7 am at 413 Main Street in Kamiah; everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. More information on UYLC can be found on their website Upriveryouth.org or by calling (208)-743-0392. 

UYLC also fosters a strong youth leadership component, and the YAB holds a general meeting once a month, contact upriveractivities@gmail.com for more information on YAB activities. 
Kamiah School District Superintendent Steve Higgins accepting the 2017 UYLC Education Partner of the Year Award on behalf of the Kamiah School District
UYLC Board Member Sandra Slickpoo and Family enjoying the evening.
Kamiah Mayor Betty Heater accepting the 2017 UYLC Government Organization Partner of the Year Award for the City of Kamiah
Event centerpieces designed
by Tissie and Jasmine
Lewis County Sherriff Office
2017 UYLC Law Enforcement
Partner of the Year
Photos courtesy of Norma Staaf. More event photos can be viewed here.


A community service opportunity
Saturday, March 3, 2018
125 Maple Street, Kamiah
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM  
Families and community 

Friday, March 9, 2018
618 Main Street, Kamiah
7:00 PM –11:00 PM  
Age 12-18 

Saturday, March 17, 2018
Kamiah Elementary School
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM  
Participants 12 and over
Audience participation open to all

Friday, March 23, 2018
UYLC Office, 413 Main Street, Kamiah
6:30 PM –7:30 PM  
K-4 th

Upriver Youth Leadership Council
General Membership Meeting
Wednesday, March 28, 2018
413 Main Street
7:00 AM
Open to all

Saturday, March 31, 2018
UYLC Office, 413 Main Street, Kamiah
7:00 PM –8:30 PM
Ages 12-19 

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20 Ways to Ask Your Teens ‘How Was School Today?’ Without Asking Them ‘How Was School Today?’
Sharlene Johnson
This year, my kiddo is a freshman, and I find myself asking him every day after school or at the dinner table, “So how was school today?”

And every day I get an answer like “fine” or “ehh,” which doesn’t tell me a whole lot.


Or at least get a full sentence. So I came up with a list of more engaging questions to ask about school. They aren’t perfect, and I often get the obligatory teen eye roll, but I do at least occasionally get complete sentences, and some can lead to some interesting conversations... and hilarious answers... and some insights into how my kiddo thinks and feel about school. 

1.What made you smile today?
2. If you could be invisible for the day at school, what would you do?
3. What part of the day do you look forward to? What part of the day do you dread?
4. If they played music in the halls at school, what would everyone want them to play over the loudspeaker?
5. If today had a theme song, what would it be?
6.  If your day at school today was a movie, what movie would it be?
7. What do you think the most important part of school is?
8. If an alien spaceship landed at your school, who would you like them to beam aboard and take back to their home planet?
9. Tell me one question that you had today, even if it wasn’t answered... actually, especially if it wasn’t answered...
10. Which classmate is most likely to be arrested, made president, become a millionaire, be in movies, let loose a flock of wild chickens in the library, etc.?
11.What was the best thing that happened today?
12.Did you help anyone today?
13.Did you tell anyone “thank you?”
14.Who did you sit with at lunch?
15.What made you laugh?
16.Did you learn something you didn’t understand?
17.Who inspired you today?
18.What was the peak and the pit?
19.What was your least favorite part of the day?
20.  If you had to go to only one class every day, which class would it be?

We are interested in hearing questions you use at home to get your teens talking, if you have a great one send it to us ( upriverylc@gmail.com ) and we will share with everyone here in the months to come. 

Our YAB is doing amazing work in the community! They want to attend the CADCA National Leadership Institute in July to learn how to be more effective at preventing their friends from experimenting with drugs. So, YAB members are selling drawing tickets to earn money to attend CADCA’s National Leadership Institute in July. The tickets are $20, one ticket will be drawn each month for 12 months for a $100 winner, and winners will be placed back in the drawing for another chance to win. Only 300 tickets will be sold, increasing your chance to win. You can mail a payment and we can fill out your entry and mail you your ticket stub, or here is a PayPal link if you would rather purchase a ticket that way.
If you are local, stop by the UYLC office at 413 Main Street, or call 208-743-0392 and we can send one of the kids by. If you have any questions let us know! Please share this with all your friends; it’s a great cause, and good odds of winning!

[208.743.0392]  [upriverylc@gmail.com]  [upriveryouth.org]