Happy Black Friday, Y'all!

Let's make this Black Friday a day to remember!

Urban Triage, for three years, has been filling the gaps in direct services. With our Unhoused Neighbors Initiative, Dane CORE 2.0 rental support, and transformative workgroups--like our agriculture program--we've provided stigma-free, human-centered services that center the whole person and are led by those we serve. There's no other organization in Dane County built on trauma recovery and personal change. There is also no other organization in Dane County that is Black-led that's served over 15K people in less than three years. We have the reach, knowledge, and social capital to do what others can't.

Our work is in our name: we are Urban Triage--the place people come to when they're uncertain, need advocacy, and are unsure where to go or what to do.

As an organization, we have worked with youth in activism, in family systems, and within schools. We've built relationships and trust. As a result, Urban Triage was hand-picked by YHDP (youth-led) --Youth Homeless Demonstration Project to be the primary organization for youth transitional housing and support in Dane County. It's the first of its kind in the country. It's a big deal! And we're humbled and excited to be trusted with the work. Support the youth—support Urban Triage. Donate.

To provide an effective program, we must raise 1 million dollars in the next eight months. We're kicking off our campaign with a $100,000 match--every dollar raised to $100,000 will be matched this Giving Tuesday for this historic initiative.

We've done a lot as an organization--and none of it is and would be possible without you. You show up every time we make a call for action. This Black Friday--we're asking again, with the understanding that it takes a community to do the heart work. Double your investment. Double your impact by donating to the 1st Youth Transitional Facility in Dane County. Donate today!

Give what you can. Give monthly. If you've given already--thank you. Please encourage others to give. And if you can afford it, give more. Give monthly. If it's $5, give it. It matters. Please support the work as we continue to fill the gaps in services. Support Urban Triage as we embark on an initiative that can and will change the trajectory of vulnerable youth in Dane County.

Donate below!

Brandi Grayson
For the People, by the People.