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Happy Bountiful Thanksgiving! 
Envisioning you and yours having a Bountiful Thanksgiving overflowing with Peace, Love, Joy, and Prosperity!
I dwell in your bountiful Spirit.

I live in the gratitude of your Life.

I experience the fullness of your Heart.

I dwell in the abundance of your Love.

I thrive in the illumination of your Light.

I dwell in the expansion of your Joy.

I overflow with your bountiful Nature.

I am lavished with the richness of your Life.

I dwell in the beauty of your Soul.

I abide in the brilliance of your Mind.

I am bathed in the fountain of your Light.

I am purified by the intimacy of your Love.

I am immersed in the radiancy of your Light.

I am rejuvenated by the youthfulness of your Spirit.

I am embellished in your overflowing Love.

I am glorified in your eternal Beauty.

I am enshrined in your Divine Magnificence.

I dwell in the overflowing gratitude of your Riches.

I am immersed in the Love of your Heart.

I am eternally energized in your everlasting Life.

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