Want to check your China knowledge? 
     W ant to see how your knowledge stacks up?   It's a fun quiz and it's got some questions that provide a challenge.  Click China Knowledge Quiz - harder than you might think:)! from the Christian Science Monito r and test yourself!
CNY Traditions
CNY Traditions
Chinese New Year Tips & Taboos
While pr eparing for the holiday, which officially begins on Feb. 16th this year,    you can read and check your awareness of  taboos to avoid   an d also pick up tips for preparing an authentic
celebration with the 3 minute video on the left of this paragraph. Or, we can focus on things are auspicious and perfect for CNY - here is a list of traditional CNY snack foods for the holiday!
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ince Lotus provides direct service, we can flex any agenda at any time! 
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If simpler, just send us a list of you r cities you'd like to visit, and we'll start with that! 
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Dumplings for 
Chinese New Year ?
     It can a great  way to celebrate and "bond" during Chinese New Year -want to do it? 
       Making dumplings is not so complicated; this video provides simple and doable instructions.  Whatever you do and however you celebrate, we hope you will have an enjoyable holiday!   
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