Happy Earth Day 2021!
Happy Earth Day, Ventura! Today marks the 51st annual Earth Day and the City invites you to celebrate the Earth with us! This month is a time to reflect on the clean air, water and land challenges that we've overcome as a society and re-commit ourselves to new environmental goals ahead. At the City of Ventura, environmental sustainability is incorporated across departments and divisions as we ensure a healthy and thriving City for our community members. Some of these efforts include the completion of the City's Energy Action Plan, a ban on the sale of Styrofoam, and the start of both the City's Climate Action and Resilience Plan and the Active Transportation Plan – all efforts that will help make the City of Ventura a healthier, more beautiful place to live and work. We'd like to thank you for your passion, support, and participation in these efforts to keep Ventura clean and beautiful.
In celebration of Earth Month, follow the City's Environmental Sustainability Division's Facebook and Instagram accounts @SustainableVentura for ways to celebrate and protect the Earth year-round and earn reusable prizes.
A special thanks to the community members that have submitted photos and videos of how they celebrate Earth Day. Check out their amazing contributions below.
Ventura Celebrates Earth Day!
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