Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Whitemarsh!

Everything we are, we owe to mother earth and her resources. The wood used to build our houses, the glass in our windows, and the plastic that makes up our water bottles all come from the resources we have on earth.
Get a Houseplant

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to bring the wonderful creations of earth indoors. A houseplant is a great way to remind yourself to practice the 7 R’s ( reuse, re-purpose, rot, repair, return, refill and refuse ) daily around the house!
Create a Recycling Center at Home

If your home doesn’t already have one, create a recycling center. If you already have a recycling center, take another look at how your household is using it and how you could improve your efforts.

• On average, Americans recycle less than a third of our waste, so there is plenty of room for improvement in most homes across the country. Get your entire household involved and brainstorm ways that you can recycle more items.
Buy Re-Usable Shopping Bags

Just why are plastic bags bad for the environment? There are a number of reasons. From their production to their lack of recyclability to their tendency to end up in landfills — or worse, out of them — and the many years they take to decompose, plastic bags pose a lot of problems when it comes to the world’s well-being.Start using a re-usable shopping bag. Bring your own bag to the store and help reduce our carbon footprint.
Use a Refillable Water Bottle

Use a refillable water bottle instead of a disposable water bottle. Refillable water bottles come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Express yourself with a unique bottle, or decorate your own.
Have a Happy Earth Day!

From Whitemarsh Township, The Environmental Advisory Board &
The Parks & Recreation Department