Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Whitemarsh!
Tune in at 12PM on April 22nd to celebrate Earth Day Live!
Here we are, blessed with the beauty of life on a planet who provides us with everything that we need. The air we breathe, the clothes we wear and the water that keeps us hydrated all comes from one place, Earth.

While we have been nurtured by Earth and grown together, our development has hurt the relationship we have with the planet and steps should be taken to remedy our current situation. Start by celebrating Earth Day and continue by living a greener life than you led before. See below for ways to celebrate Earth Day 2021 and how to live an Earth-friendly life!
Celebrate Virtually with NASA

Even those who's job is to explore beyond Earth recognize that Earth is a special place that should be treated as such. Join them in their celebration throughout the day and learn about what Earth has to offer at their site!
Take Part in "Change Starts Here"

The Nature Conservancy is always working hard to create a better Earth for the entire world to inhabit. In celebration of Earth Day, they are holding a virtual event "Change Starts Here" which you can be a part of by clicking the link below!
Celebrate April - Earth Day and Arbor Day with Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

With a virtual event taking place at 5PM tonight about turning your yard into a powerful pollinator and the ability to volunteer to plant trees over the next few days, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society gives you the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day both virtually and physically!
What Else Can I Do?

People can celebrate Earth Day in many ways, but one of them is by living an ecologically friendly life. Avoiding unnecessary plastics like water bottles and plastic shopping bags, reducing your energy consumption by turning off lights and turning down heat and so much more can be done to help the planet. Take a look at our Nature's Touch email below for more ideas and guides on how to live an earth friendly life!
Have a Happy Earth Day!

From Whitemarsh Township, The Environmental Advisory Board &
The Parks & Recreation Department