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Too Cold for Plants!
Nightly temperatures below 45 degrees is still way too cold to introduce plants, snails and catfish.

We expect to be able to sell these items for outdoor water gardens closer to May.

You can expect an aquatic plant newsletter as soon as temperatures are safe!

We Are Open!

Open daily 9am to 5pm

The water garden season has officially begun!

Although it is still too cold at night to safely add plants and some critters, we are stocked up on fish, food, pond hardgoods, and
everything you need for a Spring cleanout!

Yes, but not too much initially because there aren't enough plants that can sustain cold weather to filter out the waste. Warmer weather begins in May and fish become more active then. At that point, normal feeding patterns can resume. For instance, we treat our bigger fish 2-3 pellets per day until the warmer weather sets in.

It's not necessary every year if the pond is planted properly. Aquatic plants bloom around May and, believe it or not, it's actually the plants that act as the main pond filters in Connecticut! When aquatic plants root, they clear the ponds themselves as long as there are enough plants AND there aren't too many fish. (AKA: that murky water is usually because there are too many fish and not enough plants).