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Happy Easter and Happy Home Swapping
Happy Easter & happy home swapping
Wishing you a very happy Easter holiday. Now is a great time to start arranging your home swaps for the summer season. Find your next swap: homebase-hols.com/search
Copenhagen home swap
Dartmoor home swap

Copenhagen, Denmark
Large stylish three bedroom apartment ideally located in the centre of Copenhagen. View offer

Devon, England
Thatched cottage in the village of South Tawton on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park . View offer
Travel Q&A Q&A: Location, location, location!

Q:  My wife and I and our two children aged 3 and 5, have a modest townhouse in Anchorage, Alaska. We also have a very small condo on the big island of Hawaii. I'm interested in home swapping but am just concerned that people will be looking for something a bit fancier.  Would people be interested in exchanging with us? -  John K 

A: Absolutely! Although there are plenty of luxurious offers, most members' homes are nice modest homes like yours. When considering home swap offers, most people aren't looking for a luxury home but rather at the location: is it in a country or area they would like to visit? Are places of interest easily accessible from the home?  Many members like to swap to homes that are very different from their own (e.g. a city to countryside swap). Both your townhouse in Anchorage and condo in Hawaii will seem very 'exotic' and therefore will appeal to many members. If you are fairly open yourself on exchange destinations, you should certainly find plenty of interest in your offers.

Note:  Lucky enough to own a second home? You can add additional listings for free!
Home swaps to tempt you...
London home swap
New Zealand Home Swap
Vancouver home swap

Fulham, London, England
Fabulous riverside apartment in trendy Fulham.  View offer

Hanmer Springs, New Zealand
Stunning mountain views, thermal spas and forest walks.  View offer

Vancouver, BC, Canada
15th floor condo with stunning bay and mountain views.  View offer