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Happy Easter 2021 (April 4th):
I pray that this year brings with it the realization of His presence and the greater appreciation of His Favor in each of our lives.

We can find joy and wonder in the midst of seemingly endless darkness and more impending doom and gloom.

However, as we celebrate Easter this year and what God has done in the world and our lives, it's certainly a different feeling from last year when we were all still in shock at the newness of the pandemic and wondering if there would ever be a light at the end of the tunnel. The light is here--and has always been here--in His Resurrection and the signs of Spring: new birth, new life, new beginnings, and a new chance to be DRIVEN to SUCCEED to fulfill God's potential in all of us.

Last year hasn't been a bed of roses for everyone; however, if you're reading this Easter newsletter, then it means you've made it through. Thank the Lord!

Hopefully, you've proven to yourself that you're more resilient than you thought you were while also more empathetic and wiser, as trials often tend to shape us in those ways.

During this Easter season, as we meditate on the unmerited favor we've received, may we strive to practice more gratitude, develop even more fortitude, and display the greatest aptitude given to us by our maker. I hope you're able to reflect on the beauty of this Spring and all it represents for you. Stay positive, Keep the Faith, be encouraged, and pass it on to others.
Love & Blessings Always,
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A New Normal without 'Normal'
One company's effort to redefine beauty expectations
Unilever, a major player in the world of beauty and personal care products (Dove, Vaseline, Lifebuoy, Axe) announced recently that they were removing the word "normal" from all their packaging and advertising. The goal is to take steps forward towards helping to end discrimination and advocating for a more inclusive vision of beauty.

As women, we've probably all experienced some projected shame when someone claims their hair or skin is "normal". We immediately evaluate our own hair and skin and try to figure out where in the normal spectrum do we land. The truth is, there is no normal. Using that word in advertising and product packaging can make people feel excluded.

In a recent study of 10,00 respondents done across 9 countries --Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the U.K, and the U.S., Unilever found the following:

  • 56% of people surveyed said that the beauty and personal care industry can make people feel excluded.
  • 74% of respondents want to see advertising focusing more on making them feel better than just looking better.
  • 52% said they pay attention to the company's stance on societal issues before buying their products
  • 7 out of 10 people said that using the word "normal" on the packaging has a negative impact.

Unilever admits this change is small and it does not fix the problem. But it is a step in the right direction. In addition to removing the word 'normal', Unilever will not digitally alter a person's body shape, size, proportion, or skin color in its brand advertising. They are also increasing the number of advertisements portraying people from diverse groups who are under-represented.

More and more companies are coming forward committed to similar changes. It's small steps that move us forward and is a great way to help us all start accepting and loving our differences.
Just In Case You Missed It:
I was humbled to be asked by my dear friend, Dr. Tasheka Green to be the special guest on the Talk Show, Moms We See You for Episode 16 on March 21st, 2021.

Hosts Jacqueline Griffin, founder of The Moms Motivating Moms (M3) (RG3) FOUNDATION, and Dr. Tasheka L. Green, President & Founder of Virtue Walking in Excellence.

The Moms We See You is a talk show by moms, for moms, and about moms. It encourages all moms in the world by providing them with the tools and strategies, and letting them know we see them, and that we are here to support.

I was pleased to share my parental success strategies I used to rear my two daughters (a physician and an attorney), and over 100 abused foster boys to men, for over 22 years.
I was delighted to have my daughter, Cheryl, to join me on the interview (who could attest to some of my child-rearing techniques) as well as Beverly Thomas, my other daughter's (Charrell's) mother-in-law, and many other friends.
Sharing Child-Rearing Tips, Techniques & Strategies.

To read more about my child-rearing success skills, read Chapter 7 in my DRIVEN TO SUCCEED book, entitled, "Raising The Bar: How to Rear Two Professional Daughters"
If you missed this inspirational and compelling talk show on March 21st with co-hosts Dr. Tasheka Green and Jackie Griffin, not to worry.

 Just click on the button below for my interview for the Moms We See You talk show, Episode 16.
For more inspiring Episodes of Moms We See You and more information, go to www.momsweseeyou.com
Excitement for New Growth & Life's Success
As we celebrate Dr. Hattie Washington's release of her inspirational memoir in a new Audiobook format, available on April 14th, we also celebrate Easter and Springtime. This time of year is one where we observe the rebirth of our gardens, the reawakening of many animals from a long winter's hibernation, and especially this year, prepare for a new life after the pandemic subsides.

There is a kind of strength and vigor associated with active growth. There's also a different kind of strength, one that only comes through adversity. This second kind of strength is a quieter type, full of grit and empathy and often tempered by pain and grief. We tend to prefer the first kind, the type of strength that displays our power and allows us to move in our talents when things are easy. However, the second type of strength, the internal kind developed through hardship, enables us to go deeper. When we develop it, we're able to endure almost anything.

May you go from stress to strength as this season changes. We hope that the struggles of the last year have developed endurance and perseverance that you didn't know you had, so you may succeed in every challenge that comes your way.

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Correction from Last Month's Newsletter
Last month I spoke about Dr. Stephanie Myers' book Invisible Queen: Mixed Race Ancestry Revealed - Queen Sophia Charlotte, Queen of Britain and Ireland, 1761 - 1818.

In that newsletter, I linked to her book on Amazon, but after speaking with Dr. Myers, I learned her book is no longer available through Amazon.

The Invisible Queen is an amazing book and is available only on her website. Since I encourage everyone to read this amazing and timely book, I have corrected the link (below) where you can purchase her book!
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