e-Leaflet: Spring Edition
. Thursday, April 9, 2020 . .
We hope you share our joy in the announcement that the
Easter Bunny is considered an essential service!

Langs wishes everyone a happy and safe Easter weekend.
We look forward to reconnecting on Tuesday, April 14th to meet your needs.
We can’t control all our happiness: 
50% is genetic
10% is life circumstances
40% is what we can control

In times like these,
the 10% life circumstance
can feel very overwhelming.
We can’t control these current life circumstances, but we can control our relationship to them.
In other words, our ATTITUDE
By developing an
 we can increase our happiness.
Langs is here to assist you in maintaining and enhancing your health and wellness.
Now is the time to look after you!
Try to focus on the positive things that you can do while at home.
Stay active, stay healthy and above all stay well!
According to estimates from the New England Journal of Medicine, the COVID-19 virus remains viable on hard surfaces – making these potentially high-risk surfaces
  • Plastic & steel, for up to 3 days
  • Cardboard, for 24 hours
  • Copper, for four hours
During the COVID-19 pandemic,
our Registered Dietitians would like to remind you to only shop for essentials when needed.
Langs strongly suggests sending other family members/friends if you suffer from chronic conditions (like diabetes) .
The Langs Diabetes Education Program Team has been busy creating
special nutrition and exercise videos just for you.
Langs would like to thank our many donors who have recently
reached out with their generous support.
A crew from Tim Horton's
at Eagle & King in Preston
delivered some yummy snacks and brought big smiles to Langs Staff who have been working very hard to serve the most vulnerable during the
COVID-19 pandemic.
A very special thank you to our
wonderful friends at the
Rotary Club of Cambridge - Sunrise. Their members recently made a donation in support of
Langs Youth Wellness Hub..
Our Clinical Team was very appreciative to receive a donation of masks from TMMC. Special thanks to Langs Board Member, Bob Ruggieri for his great work in coordinating this amazing donation of PPE.
With a generous contribution from Ridgetech Automation Inc to the
Langs COVID -19 Campaign,
we will be able to continue supporting our vulnerable and homeless populations during this crisis.
Please consider joining our wonderful supporters by donating to Langs COVID-19 Campaign .
Each gift will help us provide
essential primary care services and social work supports for vulnerable populations during the coronavirus pandemic.
These populations include the homeless, isolated seniors, youth, and individuals with addictions and mental health challenges.
We are all in this together.
This long weekend, please remember the importance of maintaining
physical distancing rules while celebrating with family and friends.
Stay indoors, save lives.