Happy Easter!
from Alpen Schatz
We at Alpen Schatz want to wish you and yours a wonderful Easter full of springtime blooms, hope, growth and a joyous fresh start as we enter into the glory of Spring.

With love and blessings,

Your Alpen Schatz Team
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We LOVE seeing our happy customers in their Alpen Schatz gear - whether furry or not! Please EMAIL us pictures of your beloved pet or yourself enjoying your Alpen Schatz bling and we will feature you in an upcoming Newsletter and on our Instagram @alpenschatz and Facebook Page Alpen Schatz Boutique.

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Happy Spring Shopping!
Great springtime colors!
The Bernese Mountain Dog: Yesterday and Today - the "Bible" to everything there is to know about this amazing breed
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Stay Clean and Healthy
Note that Orme's professional quality all natural shampoos and conditioners go a long way, as they dilute 1:10 for washing. Grooming sizes available.
Orme Naturali Skin, Fur and Teeth Care
It's stay at home and clean time for our cherished four legged friends!

Whilst at home and looking for projects, why not give your beloved pup a revitalizing freshening up?

Nikolai can attest for his super white teeth, kept perfectly clean and smelling fresh by Orme Naturali's all natural Dental Spray with Enzymes. His brilliantly white muzzle and chest and healthy, silky coat are kept clean by Orme Naturali's moisturizing Green and White Clay Shampoos, finished off with the wonderful smelling Balsam Conditioner.

Spreading the Spirit of Easter Love

DaVinci & Nikolai - A snowy Easter in Telluride, Colorado