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We receive a quota each year for how many families we can submit to our partner in Thailand to join the waiting list for a referral of a young child or toddler. Currently there is one spot remaining for this year, so if you are considering the program, don't delay! Reach out today to learn more by emailing Lindsey Gilbert.

Join an MAA Support Group today!

Thanks to our generous donors, we continue to have fun and enjoy our monthly virtual support groups. Children can connect with other kids from their country of origin to share experiences, make friends, celebrate special dates and more. Our China group meets every fourth Tuesday of the month and our Colombia group meets every third Thursday of the month. If you would like to be part of either, please email Lindsey Teefey or Adriana Chaves!


Dear China Families,


To clarify a few points of the new Second Phase of post-adoption reporting that was announced by CCCWA:

1) The Second Phase of post-adoption reporting begins after completion of your 5th year post-adoption self-report. You will continue to submit your self-reports and photos to MAA as per the normal procedures, and we will submit them to CCCWA. In your 6th year home, you will be responsible to submit five photos directly to CCCWA on an annual basis via the portal listed in the notice.

2) MAA will continue to return post-adoption bonds to families who have complied with their 5 year post-adoption reporting commitment. Once you have completed and submitted all of your reports during your first five years home, you will receive your bond back after submission of the 5th year report.

3) New post-adoption reporting agreements will be sent only to families who have not yet adopted. These will be sent out within the next few weeks.


In other news, MAA has updated our requirements and are now accepting completed/signed post adoption reports in electronic form. Please sign an original signature, digital signatures will not be accepted. Please sign, scan, and email your report to Heather Iacono or Erica Conte in our post-adoption department. We hope this saves you some time.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to Heather or Erica or call the office at (320) 475-8977 with any case specific questions!

Families home in March!

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