Time is flying by and the three year olds are learning so much! During April, we learned the letters U and V and created the letter crafts unicorn and vase. The students are doing great tracing their letters. They practiced writing Y, 2, 8, 9, and 10 and began our alphabet review pages. The students have also been practicing tracing first, then writing the letters in their names. 

During Math, the students have been playing games as a way to reinforce concepts. They focused on position words such as in, out, before, and after. We will expand on this concept more in the coming months. 

In Language and Literacy, the students fished for letters- one of their favorite activities. They first fished in the sound around box for an object and decided if it was a letter, then sorted it into piles accordingly. We took it a step further and began to sort ourselves into groups such as those wearing sneakers and boots, or certain colors, etc. 

We read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle and completed a ladybug craft. We will continue reading more from Eric Carle in the coming months.

We had the opportunity to celebrate Easter with the students this past month by decorating an Easter egg craft and conducting an Easter egg hunt. We also got to share with the students the importance of Easter as Jesus demonstrated his love for us. We also celebrated Earth day by making a fun craft and planted grass seed in cups that the students will take home.  

Miss Amanda
Miss Carole