Happy New Year and welcome to the first Eleven of 2018. This is my monthly e-letter that's about thing things I'm working on and thinking about. I also have newsletters for lots of other topics . Find past issues here .

So, here we are - 2018. How about that? I imagine there's a chance you didn't think we would make it this far, but we have. Now that we're here - what to do? Well, if you're in Oregon - Vote! We're voting on healthcare measure 101 - ballots are due by January 23rd - we vote by mail - it's simple! This is a measure that brings more healthcare to more Oregonians - something our state excels in (like vote by mail!). One reason to vote in this election is also to keep showing other states how to vote effectively and how to consistently have high voting rates! Perhaps they'll catch on and we can elect our way to a fairer world for all. A big concern that I share with many is that gerrymandering and voter suppression has negatively impacted our democracy - something many are working on as we head towards the mid-terms of 2018 and look beyond that.
Albert Kaufman PSGW 2017
Once again I got to spend NYE with friends - 4 days at Puget Sound Guitar Camp - perhaps you'll choose to join me there one day. I love the Spring retreat - and the Jam camp at the end of the Summer.
AK at Camp
One highlight for me was leading this group in a long set of music leading up to midnight on NYE. I'll be doing something similar this July 25th at the Tiny House Caravan in Portland (pencil it in!).
I often share ideas on how to make one's life better in The Eleven . One of my new recent finds is how much I'm enjoying LESS SOCIAL MEDIA! One way I've made this change is by taking the Facebook app off my phone . Even Tim Ferriss agrees with me on this one. While I was at it I took off Instagram, and a couple other apps, too. As I've been reading more and having more personal connection - I have less time to waste - and I think many agree that social media can be a time suck. I've suggested in the past also having 2 browsers open - one that you're doing work in and the other for social media - this has led me to doing a whole lot less social media in the past. Give these ideas a try and let me know what you find.

Last month I led a singalong at KORU - a fundraiser for Medical Teams International - we raised $200 and had a blast doing it. I have a friend who is volunteering with them in Bangladesh at the Rohingya refugee camps.

Also, we held an epic hanukkah party at Scooterville full of song and rich community. I love throwing parties and this was one of the best - I still hear from people about what a good time they had and how people loved seeing one another.
Hanukkah 2017
Biz-wise, 2018 has gotten off to a slow start. I'm not doing as much public speaking as I once was through the Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert program which I was a part of for many years. That program ended last July and so my speaking gigs basically stopped. That said, I still do work for many fine organizations such as the Alberta Rose Theatre ; Fern Kitchen ; Eric Fair-Layman , Benjahmin Koenigsberg and many others . I feel very grateful that the work I do feels aligned with my heart and I can actually help small businesses and nonprofits reach their worlds in an effective way.

I think in the coming year I'm going to be devoting more and more time to helping organizations that elect women and progressive candidates to public office like Emily's List . My brother, Dan, who's been in the imprinting business for years, started MarchMerch - I will be working with him to bring union-made merchandise to progressive campaigns across the country. Please feel free to recommend us to any campaign you're involved in.

That's it for this month's edition of The Eleven. I hope you're doing well. Take care and please hit reply and tell me how you're doing and share you're birthdate with me if you're not already getting my fun birthday message!

For a better, world,

Albert Kaufman