Exodus from Burning Man 2016
Leaving Burning Man 2016 - I am not in this picture

As fate would have it, I chose not to visit the playa this year. At the last minute - I got the ticket and the needed parking pass - but I was missing a few things (mostly the umpf!) to make it there for year 15. Instead, I stayed in Portland and worked on myself. And my business. I think just at the time that these thousands of people were stuck in line for 9-11 hours trying to leave Burning Man I realized something important about myself. I'm talking about it with friends - it's partly a blind spot that I've been hearing about over the years - and I am realizing it's time to address it. It's a new way forward for me which I'm excited about. I'll probably say more about this on my blog and share more as things clarify - feel free to write and ask, if you're curious - or, you can just wait and hear details as I move forward.  

A while back I reached out to workshop leaders who teach at Breitenbush. A few of them wrote me back, and one invited me to come and take his workshop. So, as you're reading this I'm at Breitenbush taking Claude Stein's " Natural Singer" workshop.

Speaking of music, I'm continuing to have fun with my Song a Day series.  There are 120 songs cue'd up and ready for you if/when you're in the mood! 

I hope life is treating you especially well today.  Happy eleventh! 

Dance Campout 2016 photo by Peter Rubens
Our Ecstatic Dance Campout 2016 - photo by Peter Paul Rubens
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