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Meet Bianca, who came to our shelter as a puppy over 11 years ago. She was adopted by Doug and his wonderful family on Long Island, but that is not where the story ends. This once happy go lucky pup wound up in a municipal shelter last month, over a decade later! At Save-A-Pet all our dogs are micro chipped for permanent identification. We were pioneers in the micro chipping world and are thankful for it. 
Bianca getting picked up in Rockland County

We got the call from Hi-Tor Animal Care Center in Rockland County, NY saying an old Pit Bull was picked up as a stray in the streets and her micro chip traced back to us, her name registered as Bianca. We searched through our database, made phone calls, only to find out her owner had died. But how did she get upstate? And now, who would adopt this poor, pathetic old gal?

We posted her story on facebook in hopes of a new home for this old girl. And to our astonishment there was someone waiting at our front door the very next morning! It was Mike, Doug and Bianca's old next door neighbor! 
 We found out 
We did our best, but Bianca was so sad and confused
that Doug and Mike used to walk Bianca and Mike's dog Lulu together. When Doug died of a sudden heart attack, Bianca lived with Doug's elderly Grandmother. When she died, Bianca went to live with Mike's mom, where she was fed home made food and treated like a queen.  In February of 2014, Mike's mother passed away and Bianca was once again homeless. Mike reluctantly gave Bianca away to a home upstate, while he got his life back on track. It in the recesses of his mind and heart he wished he had kept her. 

When we picked Bianca up from the Rockland County Shelter, she was all the worse for wear. Dirty, nervous, shaking and arthritic but she was and always will be a Save-A-Pet dog! She became our new "desk dog" and got plenty of attention but longed to be "home"... wherever that was. She was always looking for her person, but we made her as comfortable as we could.

Then Mike walked in the door! It was two days before Christmas, and the two were instantly reunited! You could see how Bianca remembered Mike and the wonderful memories they had walking together with Lulu and Doug. It was magic...perhaps Christmas magic!
Bianca and Mike reunited!

Mike has a website honoring his mother and now Bianca has her page. In it he says, "We're two days away from Christmas. The season of giving. My mom is gone and it's hitting me especially hard because it's my first holiday without her. Suddenly one of the last pieces I had of her, a piece I was reluctant to give away, finds it's way back to my proverbial doorstep in desperate need of my help. Bianca's sheer presence alone is a comfort and the fact that I can give this poor girl the love and care she needs is a joy.


I don't know how much time Bianca has left. A year, maybe two, who knows? She might live another 5 or 6. What I do know is that I'm going to be there to make sure she's safe and she knows nothing but love until it's her time.


And just this once, I'm going to make that leap and,not accept...I'm going to believe that this is a gift from my mother to me.This isn't just chance. This is a gesture. The completion of a plan.I admit to it. I acknowledge it. I believe it....and I'm grateful for it."


We are truly grateful to everyone who helped love Bianca all these years. Wish wish love, peace and much Joy to Mike and Bianca. Thank you all for your support. We hope you will donate to Save-A-Pet for your year end giving so that we can continue our mission of saving lives, like Bianca's one at a time. 


One happy ending story of over 25,000 at Save-A-Pet. We are the heart of Long Island. We are their voice. Please donate. We make it count! 
Happy New Year to you and your furry companions! 

Dori Scofield
Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue
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