september 2014
Hello! Happy fall! 
Yes, I'm back! I've been retooling the newsletter so not only will there be news from me but
monthly book giveaways, new "Meet My Friends" feature and in the future (hopefully) articles, book recommendations and more!

But before I get to that, let me do a quick catch-up on  my last spring and summer. It's been a while!

And the summer? Well, I tended our garden,  got a haircut and began work on a new Ling and Ting book (#4 is coming!) as well as a new novel (yes, a new novel too!).

Now, let me tell you about....
My BIG News
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon has a movie option!

It's official: 


NYT bestselling author Grace Lin's Newbery Honor WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON, an Asian 'Wizard of Oz'-like adventure about a young girl on a quest to find the Old Man of the Moon has been optioned to Original Force, LTD with Penney Finkelman Cox and Sandra Rabins producing and screenwriter Robert Reece attached to pen the adaptation, the deal was brokered by Rebecca Sherman at Writers House and Jason Dravis of Monteiro Rose Dravis Agency, Inc. on behalf of Lin.


Does that mean there's going to be a Where the Mountain Meet the Moon movie?!?


Well, not exactly.


From what I understand, selling a movie option is akin to getting a lottery ticket. Lots of options are bought, very few movies are really made. So, the chances are still pretty slim that there will be a movie.


However, selling the option does mean there IS a chance, right?  So, why not think about the most important question...What would I wear to the premiere?


idea for this photo completely stolen from  
Barbara O'Connor who will actually really have a movie to get dressed up for!

I'm leaning towards either the red. What do you think? 
 And other bits of news...

* Does your baby like dim sum? Well, maybe he or she might like eating my book! Because Dim Sum For Everyone! is now out in baby board book! Yum! 

*Even though Amazon is not shipping my books out in a timely manner (sigh), I was flattered that they chose Where the Mountain Meets the Moon as one of the 100 Children's Books to Read in a Lifetime! However, if you want a copy of the book sooner than 3-6 weeks, order it elsewhere.

DD_cover *The first published academic writing about my work, Negotiating Asian American Childhood in the Twenty-First Century: Grace Lin's Year of the Dog, Year of the Rat, and Dumpling Days  was seen in the prestigious The Lion and the Unicorn journal. It was really nice seeing so much thought and attention to the Pacy books!

* Even though summer reading is over, I was thrilled that both Ling and Ting: Not Exactly the Same  and Where the Mountain Meets the Moon  were on the Association for Library Services to Children 2014 Summer Reading List! Ling and Ting: Not Exactly the Same was also was included in the ALA - CBC Joint Committee 2014 Building a Home Library ages 4-7 List . Yay!

* Did you miss the Moon Festival? I'm ashamed to say that I did. If you are like me and are planning a thanking the moon cover belated celebration, here is a lovely list of books to share. It includes my own Mid-Autumn Moon Festival book, Thanking the Moon.

* This past summer, I was a huge supporter of the WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign, so much so that they invited me to be a member of their advisory board! Feeling the weight of this responsibility, I contributed this guest post as part of the Book People's Modern First Library project and I was also part of  this CUNYTV Asian American Life feature (see Rain Dragon's cameo at 23:02!):

Asian American Life - September 2014
Asian American Life - September 2014

Upcoming Events

*Saturday, Sept 20th, 10:30 AM
Broadside Books
246 Main St. Northampton, MA
Help celebrate Broadside Books' 40th anniversary with book readings and signings from Jeanne Birdsall, Jane Dyer, Mordicai Gerstein and yours truly (I will be reading first at 10:30!)

*Saturday, Sept 20th, 11:45 AM
The Book Bus  at the Eric Carle Museum
125 West Bay Rd, Amherst  MA
Meet yours truly, Jeanne Birdsall and other local authors! Everyone who helps fill The Book Bus gets free admission to the Carle, including a scavenger hunt through their galleries, movie and story time and art making in their awesome studio.
Meet My Friends!
The Comparison Game with Joyce Wan

You know that saying, "Love me, Love my Friends?" Well, I've been thinking that even if you just like me, I know you will love my author/illustrator friends. You probably already know them!

But even if you do, you probably haven't met them like this! In my "Meet My Friends" feature, find out the fun and silly things that author friends think about...
Joyce and me in 2011 (pre-baby)!
This month, I'm proud to introduce the amazing Joyce Wan!  Not only is she an amazing artist of the cutest Chinese zodiac cards ever, her book, You Are My Cupcake was the inspiration of Rain Dragon's first Halloween costume. Her latest book, Sleepyheads, is perfect goodnight book and, even though it isn't specifically Asian themed, I found it perfect for the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

I asked Joyce to play The Comparison Game (fans of Elizabeth Enright's Then There Were Five will recognize the inspiration)! See her fun answers below:

1.  If you were a color, what color would you be? 
Cotton candy pink with tiny sparkles (embrace your inner princess!)

2.   What kind of flower or vegetable would you be?
Plum blossoms because they are a symbol of resilience and hope in the face of hardship as the blossoms often bloom most vibrantly amidst harsh winter snow

3.   What season would you be?
Spring because everything is blooming, the weather is nice, and there's a hopeful cheerfulness in the air.

4.   What eating utensil would you be?
A spork because the word always makes me smile and who doesn't love a utensil with a dual purpose?

5.   What mythical animal would you be?
A unicorn because they're magical

6.   What classic children's book would you be?
 Richard Scarry's  BUSY, BUSY TOWN because I certainly feel the hustle and bustle of BUSY TOWN everyday while I juggle my greeting card business, writing/illustrating books, and teaching at SVA but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Sept Giveaway
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For the SEPT NEWSLETTER GIVEAWAY I'm giving away a hardcover copy of Ling and Ting Share a Birthday!

It's a good time to visit Ling and Ting again, especially since the next book, Ling and Ting: Twice as Silly will be out in November!

If you'd like to this copy of Ling and Ting Share a Birthday, all you have to do it  e-mail TODAY with:

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Good Luck!

plan a school visit

Are you interested in having me visit your school?  I still have space in my schedule for this spring and I'm starting to reserve for 2016 as well.

Interested in sharing expenses with another school? Check out my upcoming schedule to see if you can "piggyback" a visit.  


Specifically, I might be back in Hawaii in April to see Honolulu performance of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon! So, if you are a Hawaii school, let me (er, Aimee) know!  

From the mailbag!

A beautiful illustrative interpretation of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon! I see a future professional artist here!

I'm caught up on my reader mail (though I did just find a couple pieces from last year stuck at the bottom of my bag!), so I can now say with a clear conscience that it is a good way to reach me!

Grace Lin
PO Box 60334
Florence, MA 01062

You can also reach me  through my facebook page or twitter,

I am always happy to hear from readers, however, I have to forewarn you that now that I am working on my novel I am not online that much anymore. So, please do not take it personally if I do not get back to you in a timely way! Wouldn't you rather I be working on a new book, anyway? ha ha.
Happy Fall! See you in October!

Best Wishes,
Grace Lin