The Smith Clinic for Physical Therapy -Fall 2019
Dear Friends,
Just as the seasons of this world change, so do the seasons of our lives. If we’re not careful, we’ll forget the moments that take our breath away, made us smile or brought tears to our eyes. We’ll forget that feeling we had on the first day of spring. Or the time we finally did something we always thought was just a dream. We’ll forget how God used one of the most difficult situations to bring us closer to Him. If we’re not careful, we won’t see the blessings that God has given us, too concerned with what we do not have.

In contrast, why not reminisce and wallow in God’s mercies and blessings? Why not take a moment to look around with fresh eyes? Watch the sunset tonight. Look up at the stars. Listen for a the owl hooting in the night. Snuggle your kids just a moment longer. Kiss your spouse as if it were the first time. Enjoy this season you are in. Relish in the right here and right now.

Praying for you always,

Your Smith Clinic Family
October is here, bringing with it the first signs of Fall, pumpkin flavored treats, and most importantly: National Physical Therapy Month. Since its inauguration by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in 1981, National PT Month has been a great opportunity to celebrate all PT professionals as well as recognize the transformative power of physical therapy. PTs and PTAs help restore and improve motion in many people’s lives. This year,  APTA  hopes to raise awareness about the risk of opioids and all the ways physical therapy can help with pain management. 

The theme for this year’s PT Month is #ChoosePT. This campaign hopes to let people know about the dangers of opioid use and promote PT as a safe alternative. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging health care providers to reduce the use of opioids in in favor of safer options, like physical therapy. Some of the potential side effects to opioid use are depression, overdose, and addiction. There are also possible withdrawal symptoms when stopping use. Because of these risks the CDC guidelines state, experts agreed that opioids should not be considered first-line or routine therapy for chronic pain.

How is The Smith Clinic is Celebrating?
The Smith Clinic is celebrating PT Month by building awareness. Be sure check out our social media outlets for information and tips on becoming the healthiest version of yourself!
Recipes to Transition into Fall
Fall is (hopefully) beckoning, but we’re not quite ready to get out our big heavy braising pots. The last of the heirloom tomatoes and fresh corn sit side-by-side with figs and apples at the farm market, along with the first pickings of winter squash (kobocha, delicatas, butternuts). 

Winter squashes and many of the star root vegetables (carrots, beets and parsnips) are EXCELLENT for cognitive functioning, focus, and learning (just in time for back-to-school!). Fall Immune boosters include winter squashes (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant), and pomegranates (antiinflammatory, memory and mood enhancers). Sweet potatoes are blood pressure regulators and helpful for cardiovascular health. Definitely something to keep in mind!

To get you in the mood for fall and the delicious flavors that come with it, check out one of our latest blogs post HERE ...we'd love for you to let us know what you think!
As the days get shorter and the temperatures (hopefully) begin to drop, change is in the air. That's what makes fall a great time for renewal and fresh starts. In fact, e xperts say autumn is the perfect time to boost well-being  and fine-tune your health by making one or two small changes that yield big results. With that in mind, here are some suggestions to get you on your way:

1. Defuse Stress With Friendship
Fall is a good time to come back together after the summer scattering of vacations and busy schedules -- a great time to relax with friends. Soothe away stress by making contact in person or by phone with someone you care about, someone you haven't talked to because life got in the way. The positive emotions will make you feel good, and when joy and stress meet up, joy wins out.

2. Have Fun With Fitness
Improve your fitness this fall by trying a less-conventional workoutto spruce up your regimen. 
Break out of your fitness rut by taking a ballroom dance class or a mind-body workout such as yoga or pilates. You'll be energized and more likely to stick with it.

3. Avoid Binging on Comfort Food
The lead up to winter can be a bleak time for many dieters. Whether you’re trying to lose or just trying to maintain a healthy weight, staying strong through the change of seasons is important. While the cooler weather makes most of us want to reach for our favorite comfort foods, there are ways to curb your body’s urges. Keeping up with a regular workout routine is the first, and, second, try to avoid going to parties or functions hungry, too many food and drink choices are sure to foster overeating. 

4. Heart Health: Know Your Stats
Give your heart health a boost this fall and capitalize on the seasonal sense of renewal to focus on prevention. This means scheduling an appointment with your doctor to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, as well as to see if your glucose levels are healthy. Knowing your numbers will help you figure out your personal risk for heart disease.

5. Synchronize Your Sleep
Manage the more demanding fall schedules by synchronizing your internal sleep/wake clock to the outside environment. In the morning, get outside within 5 minutes of getting up and expose yourself to bright light for 30 minutes. At night, avoid bright light within two to three hours of going to bed, because it might delay your sleep onset. This will keep you alert in the morning and make you sleepy at bedtime.

6. Sign Out of Social Media and Head Outside
The leaves will soon be changing and satisfyingly crunching under your feet. The (usually) moderate temperature is a reprieve from the sweltering summer and a gift before the frigid winter. What better season to throw on a beanie and head outside? Plus, spending time outdoors increases your vitamin D levels, makes you happier and improves your concentration, according to Harvard Medical School.

​It's time to renew yourself! Try these easy health-boosting tips -- they're sure to give you a fresh start this fall.