Happy Father's Day!

Thank you to all our special dads!
Martin and Louie
"I can't imagine being on this journey without you. I don't think I would ever want to. I love you so much. You are such a wonderful father and husband."
Mike & Broderick
"Our sweet Broderick could not have ask God for a Dad any greater than the one who loved him. Thank you for being his Daddy and best friend."
Bryan, Nicholas, & Abby
" Thank you for being there when I need you the most! Thank you for being the most wonderful Father to our beautiful children! Thanks for choosing to enjoy this ride even though it's been a bumpy ride! Love you!"
Ed & Elliot

Kristopher & Benjamin

Raymond, Clay, & RC
"Thank you for being RC's (and Clay's) dad. Thank you for sleeping overnight in our Thunderbird with me during those scary times in the NICU. Thank you for working so hard so I could stay home with him. Thank you for putting up with his silly nonsense and for me going right along with it. Thank you for putting up with his Rasslin passion (that was difficult) and his obsessive way of running and ruling our household. Thank you for holding down the fort when he and I had our lengthy vacay's at the hospital. Thank you for being proactive in all his treatment. Thank you for being the rock and running the household when I was weak after he passed. Thank you for standing beside me. Happy Father's Day."


Jackie & Dad
"Happy Father's Day to my Dad. He taught me to love God, and to love life even in the hard times." 

Connor & Graham
"Thank you for being such a great daddy! I love spending time with you! You always make me feel so special and loved! Happy Father's Day, Daddy! XOXO" 

David & Javad

"Thank you Daddy for holding me through the times when I was strong and the times when I was weak. I love you!"

"Thanks for being there when I need you on this crazy, wonderful journey!"

From Stesha: "This article made me cry. My dad is one of the STRONGEST, most loving, supportive and incredible men I have EVER met. I am beyond blessed that he let me be his daughter. Every part of this article made me think of my dad between his unending sacrifice, finding a way to make Javad more able to partake and enjoy life (like backyard bathtime), and him curling up in bed with him whenever he's sick and just wants Daddy. It made me think of how Javad's face brightens when Dad walks into the room and even if he's behind you you know it's him cause only he lights Javad up like that. My dad has been the backbone for so long, the unsung hero, and he deserves to be celebrated every day."

" To all our MTM daddy's out there...THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being the example to our nation, and most importantly to our children. To show them by leading by example....that no matter how tough things get or how hard the challenge is....to NEVER give up...I am grateful for my husband and father of our children, Danin, for always being the leader....always being my safe haven...always being my strength when I felt as if I could not go on. Happy Fathers Day to you all!!"


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We love you, Dads!
With great pleasure and appreciation, the MTM-CNM Family Conference team has collected pictures and messages from the community to show just how much we cherish our MTM and CNM fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and all
of the other father-figures and role models for our kids! 

Most of the messages are to specific dads and spouses, but they really apply to all of our warrior dads. 

You guys are amazing and essential to the journey.

 Enjoy and have a wonderful Father's Day!
Matt, Lilly, & Cooper
"Thank you for all you do. Our kids are the luckiest kids on earth to have you as their father. You take care of us like no one ever could. Thank you and we love you so much!"


Rob & Reese
"Happy Fathers Day! This is the man who adjusts wheelchairs, carries two children to bed most nights, straightens power cords, chauffeurs always, so I can sit in the back with our precious cargo. He is our fixer, our glue. He keeps thing running smoothly and in working order. We are thankful everyday that he is a part of our life!"
Burke, Lucas, and Ida
"Thank you for bringing all the best of yourself - humor, selflessness, resilience, deep commitment and so much love - to your parenting. You are the best father our kids could have, and the best partner in the world. We love you so much." 
Mark and Will
" Thank you Dad for being the most amazing father a boy could wish for!  For your love, dedication, commitment, and endless support, during both silly good times and hard times, THANK YOU! Thank you for always being my #1 fan! You are the best!"
Adam & Declan
"Thank you for being our constant source of support, love, motivation and entertainment. I'm pretty sure our silly, ornery son gets it all from you - and I'm so incredibly thankful for the man you are, and the boy he is. You inspire me to be a better mother every day. I'm incredibly lucky to be sharing this journey with you. We love you so very much. Happy Father's Day!"
Brian & Logan
"Happy Father's Day to the man that has taken on a roll of super dad, nurse, advocate, and works hard to support our family. We love you so much!"
Danin & Luke

"Danin, you carry us always!! I love you forever to the moon and back!!!! Danin has been there through the worst of times and the best! He's helped me out in the hospital. Done things no husband should do. I love you baby."

Jason & Jaxon

"Happy Fathers Day Daddy! Thank you for always making me feel included, and going the extra mile to make sure I have fun! You are an amazing father and I'm so thankful you are mine! Love always, Jaxon"
David, Lucian, Blaise, Reid, & Paley
"Daddy, you make me laugh and you keep me safe. You're my hero, and you make me feel like I'm one, too!"
Travis & Evan
"Happy Father's Day and a big thank you to Travis Brown. Your the best dad Evan could have. You work tirelessly so Evan can have everything he needs, but most importantly you and Evan have a special bond and you can always put a smile on his face."
Jason & Jason Jr

"Thank you for being a wonderful father to our boys. You have taught them so many things, which have molded them into the great young men they are. Jason Munoz Jr. And Antonio Munoz love you so much. Thank you for being there for every little thing for them. These are the things that count. These are the moments they will remember the most. I hope you enjoy your Fathers Day!" 

" Happy Father's Day Bobby!"

Your MTM-CNM Family
and MTM-CNM Family Conference Planning Team