Father's Day Weekend Specials!
$10 OFF
Any Fish
Offer valid for ONE small, medium or large fish.

Expires 7/5/2020
$1 Hyacinth
While supplies last. Limit 10 per customer.

Expires 7/5/2020
Fancy Goldfish Now Available!
Shubunkin Split-Tail
Channel Catfish
Only blue channel catfish are available this year.
Water Mosaic
Water Lettuce
Giant Sensitive Fern
Yellow Water Canna
Red Water Canna
Bengal Water Canna
Taro - Papyrus - Umbrella Palm & More tropical plants available!
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Got Algae???
After a terrible spring for murky water, plants have finally taken over the filtration of ponds.
Another two weeks of this weather (80's) and every pond with 50% or more plant coverage will naturally clear up.

The two main causes of algae are:
A.) Too many fish.
B.) Not enough plants.

We have algaecide, ion-gens, & uv clarifiers available if you aren't able to stay on top of the algae with plants alone.

The two types of algae require different solutions.
Plants out-compete each type during warm weather.
Dietter's Water Gardens