June 17, 2018


I want to thank all of those "Dads" out there who are working diligently to be good fathers whether they are male or female, human or monkey, dog or cat, stepfathers or biological fathers, friends or relatives -- Fathers come in all shapes and sizes. THANK YOU for being there for another sentient being!

Today, we are not only celebrating Father's Day, we are celebrating Christopher's 27th Birthday! Although Christopher did not have the benefit of monkey parents to guide him through is life, he had amazing human guardians who rescued him and made sure that he had monkey friends! Christopher lives with Macy, another white-faced capuchin, who arrived at Jungle friends at the same time. Macy and Christopher have been together ever since and although they can have spats from time to time, they are wonderful companions for each other!
Christopher has quite a serious side to him, as seen in this photo. He is very sophisticated.
Macy is lying on Christopher's lap enjoying an amazing monkey grooming session, compliments of her monkey companion, Christopher!

Macy, Christopher's monkey friend, is always in your face, keeping an eye on everything going on.

Christopher and his two Birthday Buddies Claude and Elizabeth! Who is your Birthday Buddy?
Join us in celebrating the monkeys' birthdays! Let us know your birthday and we will pair you with a monkey that has the same birthday (or close to the day) and we will celebrate together! Email us with Monkey Buddy in the subject line to find your Birthday Buddy.

Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director

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