To all Dad's
Thank you for being the House-band of your homes!! You are an vital part of a successful family. A husband that loves and cares for his wife ...
A Father that financially provides and cares for each member of his family!!
Dear Fathers,
What an important role you play in life. Thank you for being the Provider ... Protector ... Instructor ... and Leader in all the fun and important things of life!!  Thank you for being there when one of the family is down, sick, or needing to be emotionally picked up or encouraged on life's path. Family is a team seeking the best of life and they couldn't do it without you! 
You deserve our Respect and Honor in return for giving your life energies to your loved ones. For being the spark of fun in the outings, games, and trips to see this world's wonders. For leading out in family worships, and teaching morality in the home life, self-denial, and self-control by precept and example. Truly you are called to be God's instrument for good in this world. Continue fulfilling your God-given role in the family! Encircling the home as a house-band.   
Let me share a poem Jim penned for His Father to Honor Him...
Father, I want to thank-you for all you have done.
And to say to you: I am proud to be your son.
You taught me by your life, how to apply myself to my work.  
To always speak the truth and duty never to shirk.
Thank you for fighting to keep this country of ours free.
To stand firm for what you believe - at the cost of your life if need be.  
Thank you for showing me the joys of living a simple life.
That money cannot buy a happy home or a good wife.  
Thank you for braces, the shoes and the clothes that you bought.  
For the times we went fishing and all its secrets that you taught.  
Thank you for your wonderful laugh, your love and your integrity.
And when I really needed someone - it was you who stood by me.  
Father there's so many things in life that all came from you.
And I truly thank God that you are simply you!  
I love You Father
Your Son Jim
Wishing you a most Happy Father's Day and all the Joy this represents.  
Sally & Jim 

                  God longs to take your hand and walk with you!