Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.

Dream Journal – June 2022

Fathers with Kids

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all fabulous fathers around the world celebrating this month.

It is always wonderful to see our CCDO family grow as new fathers from our team are added each year. They take such pride in their off-spring.

It is great to know that their own fathering experience enlightened their work with children through our organisation and vice versa. 

Reading together is a great activity for dads and children to build connections and share the joy.

In honor of your father or cherished mentor consider donating a treasure trove of 500 simple books for one of our rural school libraries. It costs $500.


Shining at Girl Scouts

A well deserved Girl Scout Gold Star was awarded to a northern Californian girl, Sruthi Sudarsan, who raised $2,800 by giving dancing lessons and holding bake sales.

Sruthi was specifically raising funds for a Preschool Latrine and Washstand and she intends to visit Cambodia in July to follow up with fun lectures on health and hygiene. She heard that we desperately needed books for our lending library and generously raised additional funds to supply a school library with books.

Excelling in Education

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has recognized CCDO as a valuable partner in helping to raise the bar of education. The department realizes the value of our English and Digital Literacy Programs and have committed to partially fund some of our initiatives. It is an honor to receive such official recognition. 

CCDO has been training governmental English teachers in the districts of Angkor Thom and Prasat Bakong for the past 3 years. We have also added training for the new student teachers in The Provincial Teacher Training Colleges in Siem Reap and Battambang.

This year, we added Digital Literacy Training for Principals and Teachers in 84 schools around the Siem Reap area. These are qualified Khmer teachers who needed to learn how to make the most out of their computers and the various Microsoft programs.


Thanks to The Atlas Club of South Carolina and The Forgotten International, who generously donated $3,000 so we are able to provide books for Lending Libraries at 6 more Cambodian Schools. Students from the Atlas Club visited Cambodia in 2018 and were enthralled with the various activities of CCDO. 

A large thanks goes to inspirational Anne Snow who encourages the students to fundraise for those less fortunate in the world. We hope to host another batch of young philanthropists in Cambodia soon. 

Completion of Preschools Interiors

As we complete the wonderful new preschools in the Angkor Thom District, CCDO has shifted focus to the interior. We added shelves and baskets inside classrooms.

The baskets are yet another Social Enterprise Initiative for local villagers who want to make an income. We are supporting hard working local basket weavers by buying 150 of their baskets to be used in our schools.


With the relaxing of the stringent Covid quarantine regulations, it is so easy to travel to Cambodia. CCDO welcomed Franca & Gerry Williams from Adelaide, Australia as first visitors in 2 years. They were impressed with our education program at Tapang. They brought toothbrushes to distribute to the children and were rewarded with huge smiles.

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.
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