February Greetings!
Hello All --

It can feel hard to believe in the midst of Oregon grey winter, but spring is right around the corner, and we are so excited to be planning out our next few months together!

We had a blast at our first Mentorship Education Event, and we're excited to host more educational events about our services in Linn County (including Sweet Home and Lebanon).

We are still in the process of seeking a new Volunteer Coordinator to fill Bruce Piercy's mighty shoes, and we've got lots more highlights and announcements to share with y'all, especially about our upcoming Spring Fundraiser Event!

Gratefully, Hannah & the Jackson Street Team
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Big News & Recent Highlights
Our Youth Rising Spring Fundraiser is coming up on April 27th
We're so excited to invite our community to celebrate Jackson Street at our Annual Fundraiser, this year being hosted once again at the Albany Golf Club. We'll have delicious catered food, local drinks, live music, photography work from Jackson Street youth, and so much more!

Full details and event RSVP incoming

If you're interested in being a sponsor, contact Mike at mike.speten@jacksonstreet.org
Corvallis House Renovation Update
We've installed new floors, replaced and repainted the exterior siding, installed home theater seating, completely refurbished the basement, expanded and repainted the upstairs bedrooms, and so much more!
We're so excited to be welcoming our youth back into this shelter in the next couple months, and we're so grateful to our donor Chris Saltveit for generously donating his time, labor, expertise, and money to this project.

We're going to be moving youth back into Corvallis House around March-April, and we'll be hosting a big community Open House celebration this summer (hopefully in June before everyone starts going on vacations). Keep an eye out for that invitation!
January Mentoring Month Highlights
We had a blast in January, onboarding several new volunteer mentors, reaching out to our community, and handing out these beautiful patches to our past and present volunteer mentors. Thanks to everyone who shared information about our mentorship program and came to our event in Albany!
  • Outpatch helped us to design these sweet adhesive patches to give to past and current mentors!
  • The Corvallis Mac Users Group (CMUG) donated us 7 Macbook Air laptops! These powerful tools will be used to help our shelter youth stay on top of their school work, engage in fun creative projects, and stay connected to their friends and family. Thanks so much to CMUG, who gave this gift in memoriam of former cornerstone members Bill Russell and Lew Nelson.
  • Our Youth Ambassadors helped us to host a wonderful Mentoring Education Event at The Brim Coffee Co in Albany, and we're looking forward to hosting similar events in Lebanon and Sweet Home in the next few months.
  • Bombas donated us 3,000 pairs of socks in January, which have been brought into our clothing closet and are already being shared with youth in our community. Thank you Bombas!
We're currently in search of.....

  • Warehouse / storage space in Albany
  • Larger Outreach Space in Albany or Lebanon
  • Haircut partnership in Linn County
  • Fundraising Committee members

If you have ideas or leads, please contact Hannah
Community Fundraisers &
Ongoing Ways to Give
Support local projects & businesses!
Support with your "forget about it" purchases!
Community Fundraisers are organized by individuals or groups whose proceeds benefit Jackson Street. We typically support these incredible efforts by marketing and promoting the events. These are great opportunities not only for you to contribute to Jackson Street by supporting community-based efforts, but they're great things to tell your colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family about!
working directly with youth
[listed in alphabetical order by last name]
Jason Aerni
Norina Andina
Rebecca Aranda
Marissa Athens
William Aurich
Sophia Bauer
Hayley Bault
Matt Benotsch
Deanna Carpenter
Chelsie Carr
Charlene Carroll +
Dana Clark
Nadia Cohen
Olivia Czubarow
Kristen Daly
Sherrie Day
Grace Duncan
Geoffery Dunn
Christine Ferguson
Sandra Ferguson
Natalie Finlinson
Bailey Garvin
Matthew Gordon
Miranda Gordon
Grace Gosse
Nathan Harlan
Debra Hascall
Greg Hayes
Emily Herb
Steven Herb
Jen Hernandez
Isabelle Hervey
Lonnie Holifield
Greg Holifield
Andrea Holmquist
Seymour House
Taylor Johnson
Donna Keim
Graham Kislingbury
Russa Kittredge
Emily Loveall
Kaelynn Lowe
Kjell Mann
John Marchel
Joy Massey
Linda Meyers +
Scott Newsham
Mark Nord
Amanda O'Reilly
James Pannunzio
Finn Peck
Vickie Pemberton +
Janele Piercy
William Putnam
Susan Queisser
Delaney Radke +
Steven Ramsing
Paul Regan
Sarah Rothenberg
Lynn Scott
Samantha Sheley +
Rebecca Simmons
Sherry Sisson
Ann Smart
Peggy Sweet
John Tietjen
Mony Tran
Lillian Waddick
Craig Wallace
Lily Walton
Bill Whitley
Mark Wiebe
David Wills
Mary Jo Wills
Patrick Winczewski

+ = joined in the last 60 days
[listed in alphabetical order by last name]
Gary Barnes
Shannon Barnes
Amanda Barton
Damian Baxter, Board Member +
Jennifer Beaumont
Hannah Blicher
JoJo Bones
Tasha Brandon
Edwin Bramlett
Marlene Brown
Glen Burnett
Ellen Carlson
Zoe Chapman
Kate Conolly, Board Member
Brandy Cordeiro
Robbie Cox
Jeannine Cropley
Angela Daniels, Board Member
Allyson Dean
Sarah Devine
Linda Douglas
Larry Eby
Lynn Egli
Roberta Egli
Gerry Egli
Peter Epp
Sid Elliott, Board Member
John Evans, Board Member
Michelle Farley
Jan Filley
Catherine Fisher
Kate Fountain
Tiffany Franklin +
Erin Forrest +
Ken Galardi
Shanna Grimes
Gabe Gurule
Mica Habarad
Greg Hamann
Rita Hamann, Board Member
Heather Hayes
Faith Heidtman
Alan Helfen
Jolene Hinrichsen
Andrea Holmquist
Ron Jacobsen
Amy Johnson
Laura Kadelbach
Parnell Kelley
Graham Kislingbury
Darlene Kolb
Korinius Kogoya
Kevin Kryger
Dave Kullowatz
Gary Lasater, Board Member
Connie Lenderman
Ed Lenderman
Dina Lindquist
Kela Lynn, Board Member
Torri Lynn
Royce Markley
Joy Massey
Melissa McNulty
Dena Minato
Alicia Moselle-Tomich
Karen Nibler
Jacob Oliver
Laura Palma
Sami Pulver
Don Rea, late honorary member
Joel Rea
Larry Roper
Bobby Samai
Jenny Scheele
Matt Shumski
Jason Snider
Elizabeth Sonstegaard
Amy Spangler
Tina Springer
Sarah Steen
Ed Sweet
Felicia Sweet
Carrie Thompson
Christine Webb
Cherita Wilson
Emilea Witt +
Jo Zimmer

+ = joined within the past 60 days
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Zoe Seaders, Positive Youth Development Coordinator