I often talk about how lucky we all are here to work at what we do. It's not a glamorous job and we wont get rich in money from growing, selling and helping people with all things plants.....but we are true plant crazies, we love them, we love people who love plants, we love helping gardeners new and old. We are so happy to be open again and talking plants with our customers!

March Break madness just finished and we planted up all the greenhouses with the help of some wonderful hard working students. The baby plants are growing already in their new cosy homes.

We continue to source out the most unique and fun houseplants this month with new arrivals every week. Fiddle Leaf Fig , baby African Violets and some interesting Pepperomias seem to top the list of best sellers.

Julia & I spent the winter sourcing lines to expand our fashion store and the response so far to our Spring '19 fashion has been amazing. We have added Made in Italy and a funky new designer from Montreal to name a few that customers are loving.

We are always looking to grow and improve here at Gemmell's. Warren has been busy renovating our cashes in retail and they look amazing( see pics at bottom of the newsletter). The garden out front was dug up in the fall and waiting for a new design & planting. We expanded the fashion store (now if I could just push Rob out of his office and knock down the wall, we could really have a huge space !) Dream Big !

I hope you survived the winter and are excited about getting your hands in the dirt again this Spring! If you need some inspiration or a little greenhouse therapy drop by for a visit , we would love to see you again.

Peace & Plants,
Spring Love
In celebration of the first day of Spring we have loaded up with mini daffodils, primulas, pansies and other flowering beauties to bring a little joy into your home!

This Week's Fav Picks!
Tillandsia Xerographica
A simply stunning air plant with light grey green colouring and soft flocked leaves. This is definitely an art piece. Surpringly easy to care for , simply soak air plant in a bowl of water once a week and shake out and let dry.
Rabbit's Foot Fern
This plant, this pot is true love! Rabbit's foot ferns are a unique variety with furry rhizomes that grow on top of the soil, spilling over top of the pot. As with all ferns they like to be moderately moist with an occasional misting.
Pepperomia 'Green Beans'
We love pepperomia here at Gemmell's and continue to source new varieties. This cool one is selling like hotcakes in the past week. Pepperomia ' Green Beans'. It almost looks like a succulent but it is a tropical. Bright light indirect, let dry down between waterings.

Spring Fashion
We have been busy unpacking spring fashion these past 2 weeks. So many gorgeous new lines this season. Fresh colours and styles, beautiful fabrics, to come and browse. On trend and affordable!
Funky Pots
These trendy black metal planters just arrived for indoor succulents or tropicals. Black metal and wire were all the rage at the Toronto Gift Show this winter for Spring 2019.
Victorian Basket Workshop - LAST WEEK

DESIGN & PLANT your very own hanging basket or planter at our most popular spring workshop. This is our last week for this workshop.

Spring Urn Insert
Can't wait until May 24th weekend to have some colour on your front porch? Join us to design and plant a gorgeous bright spring flowering urn insert filled with happy flowers, bulbs, ivy and spring branches.

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Kokedama Workshop

Fun new workshop for this season! Come learn how to create your own Japanese Kokedama . Beautiful design esthetic.

Happy Spring Workshop
Fun little workshop to create a small 6" indoor spring planter for you kitchen or Easter table. Choose a colourful tin planter or watering can. Choose your plants and create your own happiness!

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New For 2019
Calibrachoa Chameleon ' Sunshine Berry'
Julia and her team of high school kids planted up all the 4" over March Break. When I aksed her what her favourite new annual was, she picked this beauty. A new calibrachoa for 2019. Sun and heat loving. Cant wait to see it grow!
Check out our newly renovated cashes

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