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E15 Sales in Minnesota in the first four months of 2016 were more than half the total volume sold in 2015. 
More On Nissan's Ethanol-Powered Fuel Cell Technology : Nissan Motor is developing a new fuel cell technology that will be powered by ethanol.  Read More

Pork & DDGs: Learn more on the role of DDGs in the pork industry.  Read More 

Ethanol And Octane For Beginners: What is octane? And how does ethanol affect octane ratings? Get all your questions answered here. 
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Ethanol & Co-Product Exports Contributed $7.5b To U.S. Economy In 2014 : A new study shows the exports of ethanol and its co-products in 2014 supported 38,978 jobs. Read More

Strategies To Combating Climate Change Must Include Biofuels:  To be successful in combating climate change, emissions from the transportation must be addressed.  Read More   

Study Finds US Biodiesel lndustry Supports Nearly 48,000 Jobs :
The biodiesel industry in 2015 had an $8.4 billion economic impact.Read More

Ethanol Clean, Renewable, High Performing Fuel: 
Back in 1908, Henry Ford called ethanol "the fuel of the future."   Read More

Klobuchar Leads Bipartisan Group Calling For Stronger RFS: 
Thirty-nine senators have asked the EPA to finalize a stronger 2017 RFS rule. Read More

API Singing The Same Push Poll Tune:   The API used misleading questions for anti-biofuels poll . Read More

Bioenergy Crops Are Not A Risk To Food Production :
 A new study further debunks the myth that biofuel production has caused food shortage. Read More
Nissan To Develop Ethanol-Based Fuel Cell Technology By 2020: Nissan Motor is developing a fuel cell that uses ethanol.  Read More

Alaska Airlines Operates First Flight With MN-Made Corn-Based Fuel: Two Alaska Airline flights in June were fueled by isobutanol from Gevo's plant in Luverne. Read More 
Do you have questions on the business case to sell E15 - E85?
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The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MBA) serves the ethanol industry by focusing on three key project areas in Minnesota : Fuel Supply Chain (assisting fuel retailers in making the transition to E15), Communications and Education (getting the biofuel message out and empowering consumers) and Advocacy (lowering artificial barriers to the ethanol industry). For this month's column, I will limit it to the latest developments in our work with lawmakers.
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Our producer member, the Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company in Benson, recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary on June 10. The plant began as a 15-million gallon a year plant. It now produces 50 million gallons a year, providing jobs, supporting a clean environment and boosting the rural economy. Read More

We brought twenty-five students from Tracy Area High School to Highwater Ethanol recently to get a better understanding of how clean renewable fuel is produced. Read more  here

ABF Economics released a report in March that shows the ethanol industry contributed $2.13 billion to Minnesota's economy in 2015. In addition, it generated $7.37 billion in gross sales, $1.6 billion in household income and supported 18,116 jobs. Read more here                                                                          Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View our videos on YouTube