We believe in community health and wish for you a safe, happy, and healthy Fourth of July! Happy Summer, Tioga County!
Save the Date!
Off to a Super Start!

Fit for Life 2019 is off to a great start! The Westfield site lead by Jenny Young with staff, Kailee Clymer, and Chloe Reifer hosted a Super Heroes themed week where kids designed their own costumes. The Fit for Life program is in four sites this year. In addition to Westfield, kids in Knoxville, Elkland, and Lawrenceville will get to take part in the summer fun and education. Emma Poirier is lead with Lyssi Yungwirth at the Knoxville Community Center site. Lauren Singer is lead staff with Alaina Goetsch at the new Jerome Park Pavilion Elkland site, and recent Youth Leadership 2.0 graduate, Stephon Folk is lead at the Lawrenceville site with recreation staffers, Dani Hunt and Holden Kennedy. They are graciously given space to use for this program inside the Calvary United Methodist Church Community Center. Planning know-how, organizational skills, and high energy is needed to do this job, not to mention the obvious weight of being a responsible supervisor for the 10-15 busy kids who will visit each site, each day. We are very proud of these young adults and the quality of programming they offer to kids in underserved areas of our county. With their help, this is one way the Partnership can affect positive change in the lives of kids in our rural county. Thank you to all recreation staff for their excellent work and to the funders of Fit For Life 2019, Shell Appalachia and Tioga County Dept. of Human Services/SAM, Inc. (Pictures courtesy of Jenny Young, Lauren Singer, and Stephen Folk.)
Northern Tier Camp Cadet 2019

This past week, twelve and thirteen year olds who applied and were accepted into Northern Tier Camp Cadet gathered at the Mansfield University campus to take part in a week's worth of drills, physical challenges, tactical workshops, mock trials, and demonstrations. During the week these cadets will also observe a PA State Police chopper fly-in and landing, climb a rock wall, march in formation shouting a cadence, and live through grueling room inspections. It sounds intimidating, but the fun factor and the comaradery built amongst the pre-teens and law enforcement officials is evident and makes each cadet walk taller. The number of applicants for this camp grows every year because of the noticeable pride and achievement displayed by the cadets. The week ends with a grand graduation ceremony in the on-campus Steadman Theater. Cadets show an impressive display of discipline as they march to and from their seats and receive team awards for Best Company, Best Female and Male Cadets, and Honor Cadets. The camp staff beams with pride when one of theirs is selected for these awards! Congratulations to 2019 Honor Cadets: Jordan Ward of Gaines, Pa and Ashley Woodring of Westfield, Pa. Congratulations to all of the 2019 NTCC Cadets! We are truly proud to be a fiscal sponsor for this youth camp experience and have these outstanding youth in our communities! (Photo below courtesy of Roger Bunn.)
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