Weekly Urban News Update
July 3rd, 2020
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A quick look at the news

  • At Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies, an IHC Global member organization, Senior Research Fellow Michael Stegman explains why rethinking housing is central to rebuilding post-pandemic America.

  • Did Delhi waste its lockdown? Critics believe the city, now India's hotspot, did little to prepare itself for coronavirus during its two months of strict lockdown.

  • Housing and pro-poor advocates in South Africa welcomed a decision by a Johannesburg court that bans police from raiding homes without a warrant. This police practice often ends in violent evictions of the poor and majority black tenants who live in dilapidated, overcrowded, and inadequate housing conditions.

  • UN-Women released a report on the "harsh realities" facing marginalized women in the developing world. The paper comes at a critical time as gender-disaggregated data will be key to addressing and managing the spread of coronavirus in informal settlements and slums. IHC Global has also written about how smart technology in cities can help address the gender inequalities highlighted in this report.

  • In the United States, the holiday weekend is often accompanied by hours long congestion and traffic. But, travelers can be fortunate if they aren't traversing the global cities with the worst congestion as ranked by traffic analytics company Intrix. Bogota topped the list, followed closely by Rio de Janeiro, Rome, and Paris.

  • The UN-Habitat Executive Board met on Monday. Key statements and documents from the meeting can be found here.
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