April Newsletter: Issue #16

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Don't let the next tax deadline sneak up on you! 

Remember to file your taxes or request an extension by Tuesday, April 17th 

Why We Buy Things We Don't Need

Have you ever wondered why we buy things - what's behind making purchases on the non-essentials items we don't need? 

This is a very interesting article on the psychology involved when we make purchases:

Introducing Ryan Sadler

We are happy to introduce one of our key teammates Ryan Sadler !

You can learn more about Ryan and see his bio on our About Us page at accountingtherapy.com/About, and meet more of the team too.   

Tips to Avoid Apple and Other Email Phishing

Here are some things to remember to help you avoid email scams:

- Emails from Apple and other legitimate companies will not ask you to provide information like your social security number, full credit card number, your mother's maiden name or the 3 digit ccv code on the back of your credit card.  

- Remember to be extra suspicious of emails asking you to update your account or payment information - and for Apple users only do so in the Settings directly on your phone or device, or in iTunes.  

(You can also always update your Apple ID password in Settings or at appleid.apple.com.)

Look at the email sender , many times scammers create a fraudulent account that is similar but not actually the email address you receive requests or account updates from.

- If you receive a suspicious email see if you can forward to an appropriate party, forward scam emails posing as Apple to reportphishing@apple.com

- If you think you may have provided your password, credit card or other personal information to an illegitimate party, be sure to change your apple or other password 

Here's some more info on how to avoid scam emails and keep your Apple secure:  https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204759

Security and your Apple ID:  https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201303

Comparison of QuickBooks Enterprise

What comes with Silver, Gold and Platinum editions:
Advanced Reporting in QuickBooks Enterprise

One of the tools that come with all versions of QuickBooks Enterprise is Advanced Reporting.  

You can run over 150 reports instantly on your sales, expenses and profits using Advanced Reporting.  Easily customize reports from the pre-made templates to include data your business needs to track.  

QuickBooks Enterprise is available on our website - see what else comes with Enterprise at:

Intuit Offers Opportunities for 
Professionals Returning to the Workforce

Often times companies will not hire individuals who take time off work to raise children or other family members, tending to view such candidates as behind compared to other candidates.   

That is why Intuit started a program for women and other professionals who exit the workforce to take care of children or other family members.  

It's a continuation of a successful program called Intuit Again that launched in 2015 in India.   75% of those who participated in the internship in India went on to become full time employees! 

Last month 8 women were the first to kick off the version offered at Intuit's Mountain View, CA headquarters that lasts 4 months. (good luck!!)

Here's where you can learn more about the program and apply:  http://intuitagain.com/career.php

We hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!!

Search Your Chart of Accounts 
In the New 2018 Version of QuickBooks Desktop

One of the new features in  QuickBooks Desktop 2018 is the ability to search your chart of accounts.  

Now you don't need to  remember the account names and numbers of accounts for different clients, or  manually search chart of accounts, instead you can save time using the new search feature to find accounts.  

Some clients have huge chart of accounts because of how their business needs to be tracked and categorized, and this new feature will save time.  

We've previously listed all of the  new features in QuickBooks 2018  on our blog - click here .  

QuickBooks Online Named  Best 
Small Business Accounting Software

Lori Fairbanks of Business News Daily recently reviewed and wrote a Buyer's Guide on how to go about choosing the right small business accounting software.  

After comparing QuickBooks Online, Freshbooks, Xero, Zoho Books and Wave Accounting -- QuickBooks Online was named small business accounting software.

Intuit's Exclusive Promo Has Been Extended to April 20!

Click the image to redeem

Rocket Bookkeeping Services

Rocket Bookkeeping is the bookkeeping division of Accounting Therapy.  
We only offer solutions that make sense for your business, and you choose how often we update your books (on a monthly basis, quarterly, etc.).  
We are QuickBooks ProAdvisors specializing in setting up and customizing new files for companies, setting up and reconciling bank accounts, data migrations, training, payroll, and much more!  
To get started please visit our website, reply to this email or call (310)791-1230.  
You'll speak with a specialist who can discuss what will work best for your situation.  
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